Friday, July 25, 2014

Hot Hot Hot

I'm sure the heat is no news to many of you. 

As I type this, it's 100 degrees out, and I am not sure what the 
heat index is. 

This is not a good picture of my new bird feeding station... I actually bought another shepherd's hook today, to move the hummingbird feeder away from the other birds. 
However... this morning... I was so happy to see a bluebird eating the feed on the 
trough... and bathing in the water bowl!  

The bird leaned it's head and neck down, and caused the water to 
spatter onto it's back, and had a good little bath as several sparrows waited to drink. 

I'm going to try to put the game camera down there in a patio chair and get pictures. 

I saw one hummingbird, but it was wary of going to the hummingbird feeder with the other birds around. 
Oddly enough... I looked out to see starlings out in the yard, and they never 
came to the feeding station.  Purple finches and sparrows found it, though, but I have seen 
no goldfinches on the nyger seed feeder yet. 

I'm picking tomatoes now. 

Wednesday night, I stole away (with Keith's blessing) to the T Bones game... we have missed many this season because of illness... so, while Keith languished in his hospital bed (!) I went to watch for five innings.  The parking lot is safe (and free) and the stadium eminently safe for a lady by herself... so 
I treated myself to a cherry lemonade and a 50 cent hot dog. 

We lost. 

This is our dinner tonight, and we are waiting for it to all meld together with the dressing... it's Greek panzanella, with feta cheese, peppers, bread cubes, red onion, cucumber, and peppers... oh... and some kalamata olives.  
It smells heavenly.  
We are trying to eat a bit healthier, and a little less meat. 

Brother Pete is still in the hospital, though Keith finally got to come home last night. 
We hope Pete will be able to go back to his nursing home on Monday, but we'll see. 

100 degree temps are expected here tomorrow, and then a break with some lighter temperatures next week. 
I'm going to get some dirt and mulch, and go out and work in the flower beds at the old place... where I was not able to do anything this week. 

Everyone stay cool! 


  1. I'm glad you got a bit of a time out :-).

  2. The word will get out Mary Ann, and the birds will come.
    The mommy and daddy birds are probably still teaching their babys how to eat from what Mother Earth has given us..
    But- no worrys,,, the birds will come- when the word gets out.

  3. Supper looked great! Doubt I could get by with it though. The birds will come - hopefully not too many starlings. We haven't seen many birds this summer at all. Not sure why. Maybe too many cats?

  4. That tomato plant looks happy. I hope the 2 I have in buckets do well.

    That salad sure looks good!

  5. Glad to hear Keith made it home. Still thinking of Pete and hoping things improve. Glad you got to enjoy a game.


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