Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Holiday Weekend

It's Sunday evening, and we have had quite the weekend. 

The background noise has been loud... the fans and humidifiers left by the 
restoration crew have provided a constant hum. 

These are only two of the fans, and one of the dehumidifiers...
There are two fans going in the master bedroom... and 
more dehumidifiers and fans in the basement. 

The noise... whew. 

Tomorrow, the restoration company comes to check moisture levels, and 
hopefully, to start the restoration.  I know one thing, I need to do some laundry... and 
I'm facing the laundromat if we don't get a chance here. 

You see where we spent our July 4.... we got to the ball park early. 

Jim, Amy, and the kids joined us for the game. 

The field guys had done a great job with the field... see the beautiful July fourth?  There 
were also flags to either side on the grass. 

Jacob and Jax are the two baseballers in the family.  Jacob's season had 
just ended. 

Jim and Amy and the four kids were our guests, it was their wedding anniversary! 

You see that the stands filled up nicely, the T Bones had over 8,000 people that day. 

Madison was good enough to take this picture of Grandma, a silly Grandpa, and the two boys. 

But Madison and Paiton were there, too. 

(I had to tease them, they all look so sad in this picture!) 

After the game, there was a wedding!  A wedding!  On the pitcher's mound!

The groom had pitched for the T Bones when they first started here, for about 6 years. 
His bride is also from the area. 

Keith and I stayed to watch the short ceremony.

As it finished, the field lights were killed and this started: 

We watched from the parking lot.  It was a great display. 

Keith and I were so glad to get home to our "little girl".  She is so lonely now without her pack... and we knew she was going to be afraid of the noise... luckily, our neighborhood was not bad, and we drew all the curtains and blinds and left the tv on, and that, with the noise of the fans, took care of things. 

This mundane picture is the Leavenworth Country Transfer Station.  Keith and I have become 
avid recyclers, and we are going to set up a proper station soon in our garage. We are currently doing cardboard, paper and plastic bags, and are going to add plastic bottles.  Yes, we're late to the recycle game, but I regularly did paper and magazines in Tongie. 

This is a very common sight all around us now.  

We were back at the stadium yesterday for a double header... The T Bones won both games.  
Another good crowd, and our team leads the league in attendance. 

I forgot to take my camera this morning on the way to church... I went through farmland, and 
saw several interesting things, including a poor dead coyote at the side of the road. 
How sad I feel for the wild things... and how I miss the coyote's howl here. 

This week will bring the restoring of our water damage (we hope) and 
Keith will be back in the hospital for 2 days to have more fluid 
drawn off his abdomen.  Next Saturday, we 
are having a work party at the old house... and we hope to have it ready to rent soon. 
Lots of pictures coming soon... the gardens are looking beautiful, and 
the tomato plants out there are doing very well. 

We are expecting some severe storms tomorrow... so 
we will see what that brings.  

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday! 


  1. Mary Ann,

    Baseball!!!! One of our favorite sports :-)
    I'm glad to see you had a wonderful weekend enjoying the game with family.
    Hopefully, soon your place will be back to where you want it after all the work and clean up from the crew.
    Sending hugs to you and Keith.

  2. It seems you had a wonderful holiday weekend except for the fans and the damage you are dealing with there. I loved seeing all the pictures. Looks like a busy week ahead too. Hope they can get started setting you straight there soon.

  3. Glad you got to spend time with the family. You can tell those boys are brothers.

    Yes, baling hay big right now. We got 166 bales of very good hay over the holiday weekend. Lots of work, but well worth it for the horses.

    I hope all goes well at the hospital with Keith. Take care both of you,

  4. I sure enjoyed reading this post, I feel like I was right there beside you this weekend.
    stella rose

  5. what a fun weekend though you still have the fans blowing. i slept right through the fireworks here!


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