Saturday, July 26, 2014

An Afternoon at the Fair

I made a quick visit to our favorite feed store this morning, 
Valley Feeds in Bonner Springs, Kansas.  I have not been 
seeing my friends at Valley much, since we no longer have farm animals. 
Yes, I miss them.  

Valley makes a wonderful birdseed mix called "Back Yard Blend"... and 
I love it.  I decided it was time to start buying the good stuff for my new 
bird friends here ... so I went over to Valley to get 

Here is Marcia, longtime clerk at Valley, with her new little friend, Roscoe. 
Marcia recently lost her 15 year old Jack Russell, Rusty, who came to work with her 
daily.  Her heart was empty, and Roscoe has filled it.  He is a ten week old Cairn terrier. 
He was a DOLL, I began to pet him and he rolled over and let me scratch his tummy. 

As I left Valley to stop at Walmart for something... I got a phone call. 

I was so glad to get it, because look what I got to do! 

Yep, I forgot all about Walmart, and went walking with Sandy and Shandy at Basehor City Park. 

And here's their real "mom", my friend Valerie, their breeder.  She has had a show kennel 
of champion English Pointers for many years. 

Sandy, Shandy and big boy Billy are all destined for the show ring. 
Little Austin will be going to a pet home. 

I walked Shandy, and Valerie, Sandy... and we had such a good time getting the puppies used to being out on their leads. 

Then we dropped the puppies off, and went across the highway to the Wyandotte County Fair, which is ending tonight. 

We had had clouds all day, and a few droplets of rain... of course, the clouds dissipated and it got up to 96 degrees while we were there. 

We saw some great vegetables. 

Some preserves. 

Gorgeous honey! 

I thought the market baskets were cool! 

Valerie and I fell in love with this beautiful, beautiful quilt... and we each bought raffle tickets for it. 

I have never seen anything like this play area before.  It consisted of three huge plastic balls in this pool of 
water.  The kids step into the ball through the zipper openings... are zipped in, and can 
make the balls roll across the pool.  It looked like fun! 

This mini was in a little tent by himself next to the petting zoo... advertised as the smallest horse in the world.  Valerie bit, and took a picture for me.  She came out laughing. 

He looks like he's in decent shape, though, doesn't he

Because it was the last day of the fair, there were almost no livestock left. 

There were a few chickens. 

(like this Turken) 

When I was a little girl, Wyandotte County still had a huge agrarian base, and the fair was huge. 
Now... not so much. 

Western Wyandotte County has become very developed, with the NASCAR track, the 
Legends shopping center, a huge string of restaurants and adjacent strip malls... the 
Schlitterbahn Water Park (home of the Veruckt water slide)... and 
now, announced this week... a huge soccer complex that will house the Soccer National Team. 

Valerie did not know about Polish chickens (there are three in the cage) and was amazed at them. 

And you knew I was going to be looking at the goats. 

We ended the visit by sitting in the gospel tent for a few minutes and listening to this excellent band. 

I bought a gyro on the way out, so Valerie took me to her house, and I got into the car and came home... 
and had to admit to Keith that I had had a mishap with my Galaxy S4 phone he gave me for my birthday last summer... and had dropped it in ... er... water.  Even though it was immersed for only 3 or 4 seconds... I could not get the back off to take the battery out... and it is dead now.  
We have insurance on it, and I can replace it... but I had precious memories in there in my picture gallery. 
I had sent some pictures over to email just this week, thank heavens. 

I hope we go to walk Austin and Billy tomorrow... it was a lot of fun, and gives me puppy time, which I always like!  

When we left, lots of cars were coming into the fair for the carnival, and for the car races that 
will run tonight.  The fair no longer presents a rodeo... they fell out of popularity some years ago, 
but, in the old days, I saw Garth Brooks twice at the fair!  A little county fair!  


  1. A wonderful day you had! Fairs are always fun!
    Is that park Basehor City Park near where you live? It looks like a perfect place to take Lilly and walk her!
    I hope you get your cell phone fixed soon. Cell phones do not work here.

  2. Sounds like you had a great day - the heat bothers me too much now to be out long. Glad you got to have your puppy fix and the goat fix too.
    Mom Kim

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day but a hot one for being outside. I don't do well in heat above 90 at all. Our fair is in August and I always like to go look too.

  4. i could not have been out in that heat. i bet you loved seeing the goats. sounds like a good day!

  5. I know someone who immersed their water logged phone in rice, I forget how long, and it worked fine after that. I don't remember if she took the battery out first or not.

    Looks like you had a fun day!

  6. I love country fairs and this one looks like a country fair that every one should visit at least once. Walking dogs with a friend is also high on my list of enjoyable ways to spend a day. ( love the quilt ! )

  7. All of the pouches are beautiful. They look sweet and so loving.

    Gosh, look at all the great veggies.

    Sorry to hear about your phone.

    I've dropped mine in coffee. put it in ice and it was crazy for a few weeks, but working fine now.

  8. that should have been rice not ice :)


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