Sunday, July 20, 2014

Snapshots from Saturday

Our Girl was not going to let us go without her yesterday. 

She DID let me drive, finally.  

I worked for almost an hour in the flower bed before Amber and Jesse arrived. 

I wasn't the only one working in the flowerbeds!  Isn't he/she beautiful?

There are two ears of corn on this volunteer from last year's 
On Deck hybrid experiment.  If you remember, I planted this 
Burpee cultivar in a tank on the deck... but the goats 
helped themselves to it.  

Our guard was at the door for the better part of the morning, but 
once Amber and Jesse arrived, she disappeared under the deck where it was cool. 

Jesse made short work of the area where the ceiling was 
bad in the living room. 

I did not get a picture of the finished product (yet) because I was called away to help 
get my brother Pete admitted to St. John's hospital in Leavenworth. 


In the meantime, this guy was having problems, and finally alarmed his daughter Amber and I enough that....
when I drove home to clean up... I decided to come back, get Keith, and take him to the 
VA emergency room. 

I was able to snap only two fast pictures... here is Amber, having primed the master bedroom... and is cutting in the bottom. 

She is meticulous, and is tall enough that she only had to step on the chair once in a while. 

Jesse worked up a sweat... as you see here, he has fixed the master bedroom ceiling 
that we lived with for 8 years with a plywood panel on... and he was one square shy of having it all fixed... then Amber rolled it with white paint.  It looks GREAT. 

We are so grateful for the help of Keith's daughters and sons in law. 

It's like a different house. 

I'll try to get out there tomorrow and take more pictures.  I have to roll the small bedroom a third time, as it had such dark paint on it. 


Keith will be in at least one more night (Have we NO PRIVACY?? " "No, Honey, I'm a blogger")
and Pete will be in for an extended stay. 

After we got Keith going in the ER, I ran out, got in the car, and drove around to St. John's, which is actually across the street, but it is a busy street... and checked on Pete, who was being admitted there. 

I was able to see him and Keith today.  Keith is MUCH better.... and Pete is in for an extended stay, and a possible change of nursing home after it.  We'll see. 

Yes, I'm meeting myself coming AND going. 

I am home for a few hours to cut grass, then will run back to take some 
things to Keith. 
Yes, he's going crazy with boredom, but as he said just now... he's catching up on 
his sleep! 

So... I'm going to stop here, change clothes, and 
go out and cut grass for a little while.  

Then back to take Keith's things to him.  
I'll be sleeping very well tonight, I think! 

If you remember these two in your prayers tonight, I would appreciate it! 


  1. you need a vacation girl! i am keeping them both in my thoughts.

  2. Slow down or you will be the one in the

    Hope both of the hospital visitors ate doing well.

    M : )

  3. They are and you are too! Remember to take care of yourself.

    Much progress was made. That's great.

  4. I just saw this I will talk to u Monday hugs

  5. I will certainly keep Keith and your brother in my prayers. Hang in there!

  6. Keith and your brother are in my prayers. Your helpers are doing a wonderful job with the house and I can only imagine how thankful you must be to have their help. Hope your Monday is a good one!

  7. Prayers for both of them Mary Ann. All that running around is very tiring.

    Look out for yourself.

  8. Yes, I'll offer prayers for both of your loved ones!!
    The house if looking good. It will be nice to have it done, and put a check mark next that item on your list.
    Take care of yourself too...


  9. Wow, you all are having a time of it :-/.

  10. Oh goodness Mary Ann. Slow down before you end up in bed also. I know they depend on you. Prayers going up

  11. Still sending good thoughts and prayers for Keith


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