Friday, July 18, 2014

A Short Post

It's July 18, I think. 

Now, I can understand how the fall decorations are out already at Hobby Lobby, seen when 
I went out to get new pulls for our desk this afternoon. 

But, wow....

I asked last year why Christmas was put out so very early... and 
was told that "crafters" had to have access to it early for the 
Christmas craft shows. 

I know that by Christmas, I'm sick of seeing the decorations in stores 
for five months.  

Do I sound too old when I say that it was so 
pleasureable to anticipate Christmas decorations to 
magically appear after Thankgsiving in the old days? 
How hard some retail people must have worked to make all that 
magic happen in so short a time!  

I didn't paint today... 
we're pushing tomorrow.  Keith ran into wasps today, 
so we have to do something about it.  I wonder how I avoided them 
last Friday, working where the nest was last year? 

We'll have lots of pictures for tomorrow night. 

Everyone have a great weekend! 


  1. I am with you on seeing the Christmas decorations out now. Fall is my favorite season and it always seems to get forgotten. I also had the commercialization that Christmas has become. I like to take it slow, spend time with my family, and truly enjoy the real reason for the season.

  2. I'm with you on Christmas decorations appearing after Thanksgiving.

  3. As I craft up a lot of my Christmas gifts, I know you have to start early. Usually I start on the 25th of this month...Christmas in July. It takes every bit of that to get it all done. Inspiration to start hasn't hit me yet, hope it does so soon. Hope you all have a super Saturday there and get lots done!

  4. I pay no attention to Christmas items on the shelves so early at Hobby Lobby. I don't even mind people who put up their outside lights early--as long as they leave them off until December. I get very annoyed when Christmas items show up everywhere else before Thanksgiving.

  5. Too early! I'm skipping Christmas this year...the hard part of it. I am only selecting the parts I like and it will be after Thanksgiving.

  6. Hi long time no post! Thought I`d start with you. Christmas, well they would start the season in january if stores could! Seems a real shame, since you have Thanksgiving, almost spoils it all.

  7. No, it amazes me that they keep putting them out sooner and sooner.

    I hate wasps. They are mean.


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