Wednesday, July 2, 2014

More Damage Than We Thought

Ramona, at the Japanese Redneck... you will identify with this post! 

We had more damage from the water than we thought. 

After not hearing from an adjuster yesterday, I began 
to worry that we would go through the holiday weekend with the carpets that 
were getting smellier, and the humidity in the house that was getting heavier. 
The wet drywall downstairs smelled awful, too. 

So, after working in the old place gardens this morning... 
I called the insurance company. 

I have to say... they were totally responsive, and 
within two hours, a restoration specialty company called me and was on our doorstep in another hour. 

The extent of the affected places grew and grew.  Keith told me (he came home 
from work after they had been here an hour) that when one piece of 
drywall was removed, water came raining down on the workers.  Ugh. 

The lower drywall in the two affected rooms downstairs was removed, because 
moisture had started to wick up them.  The pad has been removed at this point, and the rug rolled back down.  The restoration people will replace the pad and drywall. 

I don't know if you can tell... there is a line of moisture in the doorway, and then around the corner into the closet, which is on the other side of the wall from the washer and dryer.  It turned out the carpet was 
all wet in there, too, and they emptied the closet and took the trim off in the hallway. 

The hallway itself is now stripped of linoleum because they could tell there was moisture under it. 
There are fans everywhere, and big humidifiers.  

I was told on the phone that the increased electric bill will also be part of the insurance settlement. 

These fans will run for approximately four days. 

Tomorrow, someone will come from the restoration company to check on the equipment, and 
take readings on their meters. 

We are blessed by the fact that the temperature right now is 68 degrees... I have the patio door screen open, and the windows open here in the tv room. 

The restoration boss told us that if we had waited past the weekend, we would have had a mold problem for sure. 

This is the first time we have ever made a claim for an insurance settlement... and we are 
stunned at the thoroughness that is being done here. 

Yes, the machines are loud and noisy, and Lilly, who was at the vet today for a trim, was bewildered when she came home... but she will settle down, and Keith and I can cope with all this for a few days.  We have a good spare bedroom, with a comfortable bed in it, and we will be fine. 

Before I contacted the insurance company, I went to the old place and worked in that weedy trellis bed. 

The green you see in the bed closest to the camera is the nasty Bristly Greenbrier, that will tear your hands up   It has been in that bed for four years, and I am always careful in it.  This time... it's going.  I mean GOING.  I'm going to put Roundup on it, so that no one will be hurt in the future.  It's nasty. 

Thorns clear up the stems to the ends of the branches... horrible. 

It has an innocuous little flower on the end... which is so deceptive.  It was growing amongst the weeds. 

However... there were rewards, as well as more work... I am going to have to weed the flower beds again, intensively.  

These are tiny little daylillies, and they are going to come over here to the new house to grow in 
one of the half whiskey barrels.  They are such a pretty color. 

These large darker daylillies are growing behind them. 

We have tomatoes on the volunteer plants in the vegetable beds!

And, if you can see it around the weeds, the volunteer tomato plant in the south flower bed is getting HUGE and a branch has grown out into the yard. 

I could not have had a better morning, it was in the high sixties while I worked, but I was 
careful to keep it to two hours, because of getting so sick on Friday. 

See that tree... or... those trees?  They are coming out tomorrow... but what I really wanted you to see
is the faint purple blossoms of the "dead" buddleia.  Friend Jill told me some of it would come back, and it DID.  I'm going to cut away the dead wood so it can be seen. 

I hope everyone is getting ready to have a safe holiday.  We are treating 
son Jim, his wife Amy, and the four kids to the T Bones on Friday night... they are 
going to have a big fireworks display afterwards.  We're really looking forward to it! 


  1. Yup....the buddleias are very late this year. Mine are just now getting leaves and blossoms and are still rather small even. It was a harsh winter for them, Holly and boxwood. Trim out the dead will be fine. Don't be too aggressive with it though.

  2. Yes, so familiar with that water damage. A mess, a pain in the keester and stressful dealing with. Glad your insurance company and the water damage crew are doing a good job for you.

    The flowers look happy. We have that same briar.

    have a great 4th and a wonderful weekend.

  3. we are so glad they are getting it cleaned up, beautiful lily's
    stella rose

  4. it's good to hear that the insurance agency is doing such a good job. i hope you are fixed up soon! have fun at t bones!

  5. It's always something isn't it? I am glad the insurance company and restoration crew are doing such a good job for you. I hope the mess is all back together soon.

  6. Oh my, sorry you're having to deal with all the mess! Thank goodness the insurance company is being helpful. Where did all that water come from?

  7. So glad your insurance came through and that they are doing such thorough work. I've never had to use mine at all but it's goo to know it's there if needed. Happy 4th of July.

  8. Thank goodness the workers are being thorough! So much going on,,,,


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