Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Running out to the Old Place

More pee mail today. 

And then we saw a squirrel!  There are no squirrels around our new yard.  I have only seen ONE in this whole neighborhood since we moved. 

We went out to the old house to put some things in the compost heap this afternoon.

Even though it's very dry here now, it's a beautiful drive. 

But this, my friends, is the goat yard.  Unreal what has happened in four months. 
You cannot even see the barn from this angle. 

I dragged some deadfall down to the brush pile in the pasture.  I have to tell you... you can't tell from this picture, but the middle of the pasture that was almost destroyed when we tried to put a pond in three years ago... has grown back into grass and clover.  This is the last spot that needs to be repaired.  I am not saying there are no weeds... but I worked so hard last year and spread seed... and it looks much 
better down there. 

Don't look now... Troy's tractor is still down there!

There are still critters coming through the hole in the east fenceline.  Can you see their little path in the middle of the picture? 

This guy was laying in the grass near the gate, inside the yard, when I got there. 
He ran when I came back to go out and close the gate.  Lilly was with me, and Lilly HATES cats and has killed several.  (I love them).  I looked to see if there were kittens somewhere, because he/she came back to the exact same spot.  

I threw three chicken carcasses (from chicken we got at the store) into the pasture for the wild things, and I wish that I had left them near this cat. 

Lilly never did see it. 

We are starting to get some birds at our new feeding station. 
Here's a purple (red) finch. 

The female is in this picture. 

The white bucket has holes in it, I have been pouring water in it for three days to seep out 
and make the hard ground soft.  I put another feeder there tonight, for the hummers. 

Tomorrow I'll try to point the camera towards the niger seed feeder... there are goldfinches coming now. 
No blue jays.... no starlings, so far. 

Here's something unusual.  When we moved here at the end of  
March, there were robins EVERYWHERE.  We saw them everyday, 
and huge numbers of them. 

We are seeing very few now.  

We did see one hummingbird today, which is why I moved their feeder... they don't like to be around a crowd of other birds. 

Here's one of the two planters in front of the house.  This is the second year I have planted 
red, white and blue petunias from Walmart in them.  Not only do they spill beautifully... they smell so sweet you just want to stand there and soak them in! 

Maybe I'll get a hummer on camera tomorrow! 


  1. Your flowers are beautiful, you have such a green thumb. I cannot believe how much your farm looks so different from last year. Glad Lily got to go out with you.
    stella rose

  2. Isn't it amazing how quickly nature takes over? My parents always threw out any meat remnants and bones for wildlife, too.
    Your petunias are gorgeous. I finally quit growing them on my south patio. They couldn't take the heat out there.

  3. My hanging basket croaked. I should have replanted it into a big container. Yours is beautiful.

    Well, you know I love cats too.

  4. What a beautiful place. Don't worry, the tree rats will come
    Lily & Edward

  5. The robins are teaching their babys how to be big birds.. thats why you do not see them

  6. Nice to see you are still enjoying birds even though they are not of the chicken type : )


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