Thursday, July 10, 2014

The laundry tubs are lookin' GOOD! 

Those half price caladiums from Walmart grew very well! 

Ditto the row of half price portulaca and daisies! 

Lo and behold, we have a water garden in our back yard already.  Seriously, the former owner (we were told by a neighbor) dug four deep holes out here and ran the sump pump to it.  He flooded the yard you see here behind us (behind the fence) and had a contentious relationship with that owner.  At that point, he 
allegedly disconnected the sump.  This whole area is so wet we cannot cut through it or over it. 

The ground is really, really wet... and I have to shut the blade off going through it. 

Keith and I talked about it last night, and we even have considered putting a rain garden back there, too... 
we'll have to get some advice though, when we get a consult for the one by the house. 

We went to the T Bones last night, and when we got home... the moon was going in and 
out of clouds... it was a balmy evening and so beautiful out, so unlike the last two Julys. 

This is the story today, though... Keith is back at Eisenhower VA Medical Center for 
another removal of fluid from his abdomen.  The first helped so much, he felt like a million dollars, so
they did another this morning.  He'll be discharged sometime tomorrow. 


  1. Love your flower pictures...okay scroll clean down past where it says Links to this post and keep going to where it says Share It and you should see your facebook button, hit that and share it to your page.....deb

  2. IT's looking great! and hoping for a quick recover for your guy.

  3. i LOVE your containers! didn't the previous owners have to disclose the wet spot to you? i hope keith will be better soon!

  4. Your flowers look great!
    Wishing Keith well.

    M : )

  5. Best wishes for Keith, hope he feels much better again.

    Your flowers look amazing, and half price makes them just that much prettier :)


  6. Such beautiful flowers! The view out into the lawns is so beautiful,,, that weeping willow tree- is that yours? We had a gooey spot too,, so we had a tractor dig some of the gunk out and made a hole,,, and then we made a pond,,,, course you might have to add a little extra water,,, who knows?
    We hope Keith feels better soon

  7. Your green thumb is doing well:). I hope Keith feels better soon.

  8. The tubs look fantastic
    Lily & Edward

  9. So far our July has brought some amazingly nice weather our way too. This week we've had some nice cool nights with very pleasant sleeping, without the a/c being on. The days have brought a few showers, but not too much and there has been plenty of sunshine around too. I do hope Keith does well with the treatment.

  10. Can that area be filled in with dirt. We tried water gardens several times...... Always ended up filling them in or pouring them out.

    Love the containers. They look so joyful.

    I'm glad Keith is doing so well.

    Ya'll have a good weekend. DO NOT work too very hard tomorrow.

  11. Love your flowers and the tubs. I hope your hubby is feeling better soon. Have a great weekend.

  12. Prayers for Keith my catching up with you and your lovely home. Hope you get that water situation under control.


  13. Pretty flowers! Hope Keith is home and feeling great soon.


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