Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Sun is Setting

And we've made our last trip to the ballpark for the summer season. 

What fun grandma has had, not just watching Jax play, but seeing the other boys grow and 
blossom into athletes, even those that, in the first, did not want to play.  Now they are 
full members of the team, teasing and joshing with each other, and pulling on their 
batting gloves and helmets when it's time to get in line to bat. 

I have to say a word of praise for the parents who hauled their kids (boys AND girls, because there are many mixed teams and teams of girls only) to practice for the last three months, and 
faithfully sat at the games and cheered their teams on.  Without them, 
the kids wouldn't be learning sportsmanship and how to play together as a team. 

"Good game!" as they say to each other at the end. 
And last night, the umpire showed he had been brought up that way, too... a young man, 
he high-fived both teams individually with "Good game!" and shook the hands of each and every one of the parent coaches at the end.   It makes me tearful just typing that. 

I was a soccer mom... a single mom... but I got those boys to their practices... not just soccer but one year of baseball, some football, and some wrestling thrown in for good measure. 
It has paid off in Jim's actions with his own kids, so the legacy goes on. 

Teach your children well. 


  1. And now many memories are stored in all of their hearts- and yours too

  2. How wonderful you live close to them and can go to their games. I'm sure they are happy you are there too. My little grands that live close by are too little yet to get into to sports, but I've been able to go to a few games of those that are older that live further away and I know they love having me come. Good sportsmanship is a lesson well learned. Good parenting takes a lot of time and effort but definitely well worth the effort .

  3. I played softball in a girl's league growing up. I loved it.

    I'm glad that you were able to take some time from all the stress and do something that you enjoyed.

    Hope Keith (and you) are doing well.

    Take care,


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