Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer Heat!

It's Baaaaccckkkkkk! 

I am just glad (I admit it) that I am NOT having to carry cold water to the animals.  

Here was the car when I got back in at the hospital today, after helping my brother with his lunch: 

I was in the shade and had a sunscreen up!  


I did get to go take my friend's pups out for a while... a short while, because of the heat...

They are getting HUGE!!!

Big sister was with them. 

I can't believe they were the tiny little babies I 
cared for 3 months ago.  

Really, the sun was too much for all of us, so 
I did not stay long.  

They were glad to get back in their cool kennel, where 
they could cool off on the cement and be out of the sun. 

And, on a happy note... the repairs to our basement and laundry room started today! 
The ceiling is now whole again, and the walls complete, mudded, and taped.  The work will continue tomorrow, and the painting will be done on Thursday. 
The crew were nice guys, who worked fast and neatly. 
Their supervisor was out of camera range when I took this picture. 
I'll sneak down there first thing in the morning and take another picture before they get here. 

I'll be glad when we are back in one piece and can put this behind us. 


  1. That is too dang hot!! How is Keith doing? And your brother?

  2. I'd almost forgotten that you were going through all that renovation work there. With everything else going on you certainly have had your hands full. Take care in the heat...I've been staying inside here.

  3. amen to that :) house repairs/remodels are stressful and disruptive.

    Beautiful dogs! Having to make myself not want one. Need to thin down before thinking about getting any replacement critters.

  4. Gosh your basement is looking so nice already. Boy those little pups are sure growing big, I remember when they were little like us. It was wayyyy to hot for us to be outside yesterday, mom timed it each time we went to pee, she left us out about 3-4 min. and then back in. To humid, hard to breathe.
    Stella Rose

  5. ugh...this heat is awful. we have a cold front coming in today. your basement looks great!

  6. That is way to hot for an evening temp!!
    Lily & Edward

  7. Oh, it does seem like this summer has been extra hot, for everyone.
    Praying for the fires in Washington to be extinguished, and all other wild fires too.

    Looking good in the basement. Nice to have good workers.
    Is the green going to be the color in the basement??



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