Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Evening

Rushing to get through a most excellent dinner... Keith splurged on steak and then grilled it to absolute perfection!   Dishes are finished, and I am going to sit back on the couch with Abby and watch 
The Secrets of Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey), Endeavour, and Call the Midwife, in reruns, on PBS. The perfect Sunday evening. 

We had good temps this weekend, but I was worn out after the rigors of the week in the heat, I admit it. 

When I went in the old henhouse, I was not paying attention: 

Can you believe this guy????  He stayed there still for several minutes, to be sure I was not going to do anything to him.  The chickens totally ignore him at this point. 

Look who followed me up on the porch!  Aren't they getting big? 

They had all three dogs pretty excited, but don't worry, we watch them like hawks. 

I started chores, but I missed Kaycee somehow.  When I started back, this is what I found.  Don't worry, we don't eat off that table either, unless it's cleaned.  And that's vinegar in the spray bottle.  (weeds). 

Kaycee has a real affinity for Keith.  

Don't forget to scrub your feed and water bowls out from time to time in this heat. 

And don't forget to blow hoses that have been sitting in the sun out, so that the hot, hot water in them doesn't get poured into your animal waterers. 

I swear, I need to pay more attention.  

I had moved the step stool I keep here for the hens to hop up into the nursing/laying cage.  There are now only two hens laying in this house. 

Once I put the step stool back, he went on down to the floor.  

A friend, Angela, who is a reader here, sent me pictures today of a blogpost where the blogger captured snakes in her henhouse in minnow traps.  My gosh, five of the pictures were of copperheads! 
I would be absolutely petrified to come face to face with one.  In fact, I am seriously considering getting some short Ariat or Justin boots to wear daily while doing chores 

I hope everyone has had a great weekend... and a good start to the new week.  Waiting to hear how Donna is doing... and hoping she is feeling better already. 


  1. Mary Ann,

    You are going to kill me with those gosh darn snakes. Bogs boots work really well. Buy them on sale.

  2. Mom saw a King snake eating a Copperhead. You snake may keep the others away.

  3. Brave Mary Ann! Do you have one of those long-handled metal snake catching things in case you do see a copperhead? Not that I'd get close enough to use one but we've had 2 here in 23 years to my husband ordered two.

    Donna has been much on my mind, too. I can't believe she posted a short one but was so glad to read everything went well.

    I'm all ready for Endeavor too...oops here it is. Goodnight!

  4. I'm glad your snake isn't of the poisonous variety! Watch out for those. I think wearing some boots is a great idea!

    We only got a little shower today. I was so hoping for a nice soaking rain. We need it badly! Hope you all got some.

    I hope your friend Donna is doing well after her surgery.

    Take care and stay cool!

  5. Oh man...that snake is crazy! Muck boots work wonders for me...and I'm not even worried about stepping on snakes! Be careful over there!

  6. Oh my gosh! I would have died if I found a snake that close to me! lol Years ago when we had an old barn I opened up the door to get some outside toys of my daughters. A big black snake jumped out at me and curled up. I took off running but only ran 3 steps before finding my daughter right behind me. I grabbed her and tried to run and tripped probably 3 feet from that snake! lol I had an instant swelling of my knee and couldn't run after that. I hobbled to the house to tell my husband but he was cutting grass in the front yard with his gravely tractor and couldn't hear me yelling or honking the horn at him. So I jumped in the truck and drove to the front yard to tell him about the snake! lol I still have a permanent bruise from that! lol I would wear something to keep from getting bit by one of those things for sure. Funny thing about the barn is my husband wanted to take it down. I wanted to keep it but after that snake came out at me I said take it down! lol

  7. We worried it was a snake that was killing our chicks when they were tiny. They do hang around a hen house because they love to eat eggs. Consequently we try to keep our snake population down as much as possible.

    Your goat photos are so cute. Never a dull moment with goats. :)

  8. oofah! i don't think i would have handled running into the snake as calmly as you did! neck high boots!

  9. I'm hoping all is well with Donna too.

    I'd have to get the Redneck to relocate them. Cause I'm telling ya' I don't like snakes in any form or fashion. Won't even wear belts, boots or clothes that look like snakeskin.

  10. Oh Mary Ann you need the "bravery" award for even stepping foot in that henhouse, my mom feet would freeze at the doorway! Your little goats are growing and so cute...we love your deck and how big it all looks very inviting!
    stella rose

  11. That goat in the lap is precious. Well looks like that snake has found himself a good home. Lol Gosh he /she has been there forever now ... be funny if it lays eggs in the hen house too ;)


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