Tuesday, July 9, 2013

100 with a Chance of Storms

100 out right now, with a heat index of 108... and I believe it.  However, we have an outside chance of a storm tonight.  I'll take it. 

Everyone is trying to stay cool, and I mean EVERYONE.  She did not mind me taking this picture, she is just perfectly submerged except for the head, and she wasn't going to move out of the cool dish I had changed this morning. 

These guys were in a hurry to start their day this morning, and gave me what for as I brought the bottles.  You notice they have quite the wildflower patch growing near their barn! 

They are currently getting only milk with their probiotic in the morning... then mixed milk and water at noon... and milk with water about 7 PM.  Last night at 8 I gave them each a full bottle of water, which they gulped right down.  I figure it's better to make sure they are hydrated in this heat. 

This is one hot chick.  Folly and Fancy would both be so much more comfortable if they would come down, but they won't.  I put two frozen bottles in their waterer (behind Folly) and a frozen bottle that she can lay against. 

The chickens on the floor are doing okay, and they had a bottle to lean against, plus three frozen bottles in their waterer... and they know that water is cold, look at them! 

The majority of the flock was under the henspa where it is dark and cool. 

I cannot tell a lie.  The goats were in the henyard, and they always run out into the yard when I bucket, and it was HOT.  I dumped the pool.  The ducks were glad. 

I was glad the goats were in there... they aren't eating a lot of chicken feed, they are browsing constantly on the growth in there.  I was glad they were in the cooler henyard, as their yard has little shade.  I snuck out as soon as the pool was full, and came in to do this post.  
Frankly, I'm still dripping, and I'm going to lay down and read for a while in the air conditioning. 

Everyone stay cool! 


  1. Be careful getting so hot then cold.

    Man that heat is killer, I can't take it after working inside all week long.

  2. be careful and stay cool..it is very hot here also....
    stella rose

  3. It is hot and steamy here but not as hot as you are. My thermometer says 93. We went Mall walking just to get out and get some exercise. I've been cooped up inside too much and needed some exercise. The only thing about walking in the mall is I always have to spend some money too. Take good care there !

  4. It hasn't got to 100 yet in my neck of the woods. We did get to 93 with high humidity, though. Be careful out there.

  5. Don't get over heated yourself, keep drinking all kinds off water.
    It's going to be 101, not counting the heat index in my area.

  6. So sad the animals can't get cooled off!
    You take care of yourself too!

  7. I told Ken today--"Ill take a small snowstorm right now!"
    He was not in agreement though.


  8. It is easy to get too hot. You be careful, too.

  9. Mary Ann,

    Agree w/Sandy & Gail, stay hydrated yourself. That chicken in the 2nd pic looks hot as hades! And, you HAVE GOT TO GET RID of that snaky snake.

  10. Staying cool is sure hard these days! It sounds like your animals are being quite well cared for! Frozen water bottles...a good idea!!

  11. One thing I know for sure is that Mary Ann is not going to be one of those people leaving an animal, of any kind, shut up in a hot car. No sir.


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