Monday, July 15, 2013

A Sunny Monday

The weathermen keep tantalizing us with "chances of rain" but we have had none in days, beyond a sprinkle.  We need it, now, we are 3.5 inches under where we need to be. 

The sun shone on the ripening pears. 

And on the bright zinnias. 

But it was shady in Swamplandia, and the ducks and chickens were so happy. 

We ate some mulberries... only one tree is bearing now, the others have gone by.  These berries are so sweet... I have the purple fingers to prove it. 

We visited the henspa chickens.  

"More of those things!" said Kody. 

And we played. 

We watched Boots and Two show off for Chatterbox. 

Tonight there is a Monday night ballgame, then we have a break while the team goes out of town.  

We'll be locking everyone up in their pens before we go: 

The odd thing is... for all the years we have lived here, we have heard the two coyote packs calling to each other.  We aren't hearing them lately.  We wonder what' up????


  1. Mary Ann,

    Makes you wonder why they are silent if they are still around? We just put up a game camera & are curious as to what we will get pics of.

    Those pears look like future pear butter to me! Hope you get some rain soon.

  2. They may have moved their territory for better hunting or maybe someone has poisoned them...that has happened here before.

  3. Some one maybe killing them off. I'm glad you locked up your critters, this way this guy doesn't have an open invitation to your animals.

  4. Looks like a wonderful Monday there at your house. Hope you enjoyed the game !

  5. Always a fun day when you got the help of those cute goats!

  6. I agree - sounds like they have either moved on or, more likely, someone is poisoning or killing them. Kinda sad, but I'm glad they're not getting free chicken dinner at your house. And your goats are so cute!

  7. Yes, it is pretty hot here as well, daddy watered mom's pots and new grasses that she planted over the weekend, after the evening started to get a little cooler. Mom says she has to watch us outside as it is to hot for us and maggie really likes to run around Alcatraz instead of taking it easier. Today mom and dad are both at work, so we will be staying inside in the air conditioning and waiting on them to get home. Mom loves zinnas and is so mad at herself for forgetting to plant the seeds she collected last year, do you think it is to late?
    stella rose

  8. We got just a little shower yesterday evening. We are needing rain here, too. My corn is only a little over 2 feet tall and is already tasselling! Don't know quite why that is happening. We did have to replant some of it after those torrential rains earlier in the season drowned out so much. My zinnias were replanted and are just now starting to bloom.

    Hope the coyotes have moved on out of your area and leave your critters alone! We've been seeing more deer and I suspect they'll be in our garden before long.

  9. We use to hear them too. Haven't in a very long time. I think when the land and things change they move on.

    I love the markings on the little brown goat. Looks like he has racing stripes all over.

  10. Love those chicken names and the morning walk-around. Nice start to the day : )

  11. It would be so nice to have some rain.
    Everything is looking a little peaked here.

    Stop by, I have a recipe up that you and
    Keith might like.

    If you don't see it just scroll down to
    the next post.



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