Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Picture Says it All

Uh huh.  It's very hot.  That's a frozen bottle to Folly's right... the second of the day.  Two frozen bottles in the waterer I have to keep up there for them, because SHE WON'T COME DOWN. 

I'm pooped. 

This guy in the picture below is our hero. 

That's Zach from Smithereen Pest Control (formerly Arrow Pest Control).  He came to our rescue today, and treated the goat barn for the wasps.  He found three very large nests that we had missed, and told us that the heat and close proximity of the nests had made the wasps aggressive. 

He used a particularly strong hot shot on them, and forgot the bottle, so we are going to keep it, and order some more.  I checked about 30 minutes ago, and I did see one wasp... so I think there may be a nest between the metal outer cladding and the wood frame on the east side.  I'm going to consult with Keith and then we'll try to hot shot it tomorrow morning before Keith goes to work. Keith had to go to the doctor today, because his hand and arm were still so swollen.  He's on two prescriptions now. (And passed out from the medicine!) 

Zach did treat the whole roof area inside to prevent the wasps from re-starting their nests.  I have to get the manure fork and get the nests from the ground, so that the babies don't chew on them.  Ugh. 

These, became this: 

That's Tomato Chutney, or supposed to be.  I don't think I left it coarse enough, so frankly, I'm going to use it as a base for soup or sauce during the winter. 

I also made salsa... followed the recipe... put cilantro in it... and thought it tasted NASTY.  

It was fresh salsa, and was given to the birds.  I had not put jalapeno in it yet. 

Not a very good start to Canning 2013, and frankly, I'll stick with Mrs.Wages from here on out. 

This is Buffy, our only Polish hen.  She came here in 2008, so is 5 years old.  She still lays a nice white egg every other day.  Do you see her beak?  We have to trim it regularly, and it's due now.  This will probably be the fifth time this year already. 

You should regularly check your bird's beaks... and the rest of them... for things like this. 
Buffy can't eat easily when her beak is this long, so a simple snip with a guillotine dog nail trimmer takes it off and then she is able to chow down again.  This is one reason I sit and watch the birds for a few minutes every day. 

I am very surprised and glad that the birds are surviving well in this heat.  Last year we lost three to excessive heat, I would guesstimate that it was 10 degrees warmer at that point. 

This guy crept up on me from behind as I was filling the pond.  Look at the startled expression on Boot's face on the right!  However, most days, no one even gives a glance to these characters at all. 
He was on his way out to the pasture after lolling around in the water dish all day. 

Not fazed by the heat. 
Wanted to know what the strange guy was doing in HIS barn. 

Also not fazed by the heat one bit.  On Bug Patrol. 

Momma is keeping these guys INSIDE.  
Yes, they're going stir-crazy, but they can't take the heat. 

I'm going out to water in the evening hours... I can't get the hose to stay on "mist" now, so I am going to sit and hand water in sections, like I did last summer.  Yes, I'm hauling duck water, and have a wagon-full right now. 

A few hours ago today, Michaele (pronounded "Michelle") Oleson of Sprout"n"Wings farm made a short announcement that she is giving up blogging. 
Michaele, mother of five girls, has a farm in the country, and a city house, 40 miles away, where her daughters live to finish high school.  She must go back and forth daily.  
We are so very grateful to her and to her girls for Kody and Kaycee, and though we did not get to talk to them long, they are lovely ladies. 

She has hinted for the last six weeks that she may be giving up the blog, and I will tell you all something... we will have lost a wonderful member of Blogville.  I'm glad we got to have her on our sidebar again for the last few weeks or so, and I highly recommend their family business... Five Sisters Soaps and Lotions... for the wonderful body butters I have bought the last two years and gifted to friends. 

Goodbye, Michaele... good luck up there in Nebraska!  


  1. Hope the heat breaks soon for ALL our sakes.

  2. I'm like the two you keep inside - I've been here more than not as I cannot handle the heat. We've been in the 90's but the heat index is above 100. Glad all your critters are doing ok and that those wasps are now a thing of the past. Sorry Keith had to go to the doctor because of them. Try to stay cool there when you can.

  3. The snake in the water dish has the right idea. It's just too darned hot!

  4. Mary Ann,

    The heat is starting once again to build here in Oklahoma. The last 5 days we've had continuous rain and cooler temperatures. I haven't come across any big snakes yet this year, just a few small cooper heads. I don't think this snake would do to well at our place because I would be after it with my shovel. I'm not a snake person.

    I love it when the animals are very inquisitive, and want to see whose messing around their place.

    Try to stay cool and have a great evening.

  5. We got a bit of rain, not a drought ender, or garden saver, but thankful still. Try wasp hunting at night, when they are all "home" on the nest. It will save you from a sneak attack from behind too. Just use a flashlight and some of that long range wasp spray. Then there are none left to re-build also. Sending rain thoughts your way!

  6. I'm with the dogs, I'd rather be inside when it's so hot. I go outside mostly only in the early morning hours or very late evening. This muggy hot weather is hard on everyone, so take care working out side! My hubby came in yesterday from work and said they all got too hot and didn't even feel like eating lunch. He looked and sounded whipped. Oh, for cooler temps and some rain!!

    Glad you got the wasps taken care of and I hope Keith is doing better with those wasp stings.
    Take care and stay cool!

  7. We've been killing wasp nests here too.. and the heat does make them more aggressive. ugh! I have a fan blowing on my hens coop yard too, believe it or not.

    I have jarred pickles so far this year... that's all I've managed so far in the canning department.

  8. Blogging is a lot of work. Sorry to be losing her though.

    No kidding, we worked a job a couple of years and there where thousands (or millions) of wasps. You could not move anything without triple checking it and what was behind it and behind that.

    Wasps will make me scream like a ninny. I hate em.

  9. Doesn't the snake eat your eggs?
    It IS hot everywhere :-//
    think I'm ready for fall!


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