Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Follow Up

Here's a follow up to the salsa making yesterday: 

These are the types of tomatoes I used, from left: 
Abu Rawan, Gypsy, Gypsy, and Super Sauce. 

I threw a few cherry tomatoes in there, too. 

Remember... I cheat.  I do NOT remove the skins by boiling in water. 
I cut them up coarsely, after removing stems and cores.  
I chop them on "Chop" for about 30 seconds, leaving them coarse. 

This is an Abu Rawan, as I was cutting it into fourths.  I like these tomatoes a lot, and will grow them next year again. 

In the pot ready to boil. 

In the bowl at the end of the process.  It smelled so good! 

I used Mrs. Wages medium salsa mix, and there is also a hot version. 

I chose not to can these, though you can do so if you would like.  We use so little, it seemed easier to freeze it, as we have plenty of freezer space. 

So when it was cool, into the containers it went to cool completely, and then be marked and put in the freezer.  
I like to leave some chunks in it. 

The whole process took maybe a half hour. 

I'm also making the Mrs. Wages version of chili base, and spaghetti sauce.  They also make a catsup version. 

Keith mentioned this morning he'd like to have some sweet pickles, and they make a great mix for that. 
The website is HERE. 


  1. Ken's peppers are doing well but our tomatoes
    are s l o w.

    We may have to go to the fFarmer's market to get some tomatoes.

    Your salsa looks great.


  2. Skins are fine with me too. I leave them in when I use my extras to make fresh tomato sauce for pasta. I also like chunks of tomatoes.

    I can't really think of anything with tomatoes that I won't eat. I really love them that much.

  3. Looks like you'll have some great salsa for the winter!

  4. Leaving the skins on would shorten the process. I always hated to skin tomatoes. Looks good!


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