Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Looking Back and an Addendum

I was under the weather this morning, so, after chores, 
I took a nap. 

There, I said it. 

I took a nap! 

I can't believe I am free to do that on days when I am dragging a little! 

It is beastly hot out right now, and high humidity.  I know, because I made a run to Walmart to get some photographic paper.  I am making a surprise for Keith for his birthday. 

I am sitting down to do the post and then going out to refresh water for everyone. 

Here are some sunflowers blooming this morning...how they cheered me up! 

That picture was actually taken last night... and this was behind them: 

Unfortunately, we didn't get a sprinkle. 

We need it. 

Here are the three little chicks this morning, now about half-grown.  They have all turned out very well, and I think the two pullets will be good replacements.  I'm even happy with the cockerel! 

I am working on a project at the moment, and  have been looking back through the last five years of photos for it.  It's hard to just run them by, because each brings up a memory.  I think women are more prone than men to let things like this slow them down... but I sure am enjoying remembering the days past. 
This is our tenth summer here at Calamity Acres. 

Look at our gorgeous Ranger Boy five years ago, in 2008.  Wasn't he absolutely a beauty?

To us, he still is. 

My heart breaks when I think about what is to come with Ranger... but he has had a wonderful life here at Calamity Acres, and we have valued having him so much. 

Here are Roosters One, Two and Three as young cockerels!  My gosh, they look so tiny! 
Three actually had a brother, Four, who looked just like him.  Four did not make it through the very cold winter three years ago. 

That picture was taken November 2, 2008.  Almost five years ago!  

They are five year olds already! 

(Gosh, I use a lot of exclamation marks.) 

Here is our first pug, Addie Mae (right), and our second, Hannah Jean.  Hannah was almost blind when we adopted her.  Addie came from the Leavenworth Animal Control facility, and Hannah, from Second Chance rescue, a wonderful organization from whom we also got Abby. 

Addie died of heart congestion... and Hannah had glaucoma and complications from her enucleation (eye removal) with glaucoma starting in the second eye. 

These two little girls sold us on pugs, and we loved them so very much.  They rest here at Calamity Acres now. 

Here's a picture also near and dear to my heart... My sister Kathleen with the sweetest smile on her face, and my dear mother, Mary Catherine.  Both gone now, and both so deeply inbedded in my heart.  How I miss their smiling faces.  
This picture was taken before Kathleen was diagnosed with cancer... her future was bright and sunny, and she was married to a wonderful man who treasured her.  I love how pictures freeze that place in time. 

My mother's housedress from this picture is hanging in my closet this very minute.  I just could not donate it. 

This grainy picture is son Brandon, stopping to adjust his shoe during a basketball game in high school.  How this picture froze him in time... in a season when he played so very well, and was such a joy to watch.  I am so glad I took so many pictures that year.... and short films, that we still have.  
His loss is a hard blow to handle. 
We just don't know how many years God is going to give us... and we need to treasure each and every day that we can! 

I added a new blog to our blog roll today, one you might think is unusual.  If you read it, you will see why.  No... it doesn't have fancy pictures (yet)... but the writer is very, very witty... she has made me laugh and cry and I treasure each and every post she has written.  
I hope you'll enjoy "The Three Little Pugs" as much as I do! 

Here's the Addendum: 

That's a big one.  I did NOT change this waterer! 

A wasp in the goat barn got me. 

War is declared. 


  1. Stay cool in this heat. Don't
    overdo it.

    Pictures truly tell a story!

    : o)

  2. I too take too long when going down memory lane. I stop & reflect which just adds time to my task at hand.

    Ranger is indeed a lovely specimen of a beautiful dog. I still have my Grandmother's house dress which is very much worn out. But I too, can't part with it

  3. A wonderful look back through the pictures!
    I hope ya'll get some rain. :)

  4. Losses are very hard on us. Just like other things cause such great joy.

    I'd keep her house dress too.

  5. Pictures are wonderful and bring back lots of wonderful memories for all of us. You do have some wonderful ones there. Isn't it a blessing that old pictures bring back such happy times. I try always to be thankful for what time we do have and not look back with regrets. Stay cool!

  6. Thank you for sharing these memories with us, I feel privileged to have a glimpse in to your special pictures. Some lovely memories to cherish x

  7. Mary Ann, I know the thoughts and memories of those you have lost are still as real as ever. The love goes on, there is no stop sign for love. It's all a gift, even the memories that hurt. My love to you and I'm glad you took a nap. The body tells you when you need one.

  8. It's a shame snakes don't eat wasps! I know what your pictures mean to you. With an aging mother and sister that I rarely see, they're about all I have sometimes to remind me of the "good 'ol days." Good times are coming again on the other side, though.

  9. I know what you mean. I could spend hours looking back in old photo albums and remembering. It is so nice to be able to have photos of loved ones that are no longer with us except in memory. Hmm, I guess the snake was trying to cool off.

  10. Pictures are priceless! It is so nice to have those memories of people we love!
    On another note...somehow I just KNEW there was going to be a snake picture in there!!

  11. OMPUG I cannot believe you got that close to take that snake picture ewwwwww.....send Abby over today and we will all play in the hippo pool, tell her not to worry about a swimsuit we are all swimming in our birthday suits today.
    Stella Rose

  12. This post struck a chord that has been playing a lot for me since Friday, when I learned that a friend had died from breast cancer. I went to her memorial service on Sunday, then went back and read through all the emails we had exchanged – in the process finding and re-reading emails exchanged with ANOTHER friend who is now gone. Today I'm driving 400 miles by myself to visit my dad, who had open heart surgery on Monday. Treasure each moment; reach out often with love....


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