Monday, July 29, 2013

Catch-up Sunday Post

I just did not get time to sit and post yesterday, so will try to catch up this morning. 
We have had a prediction  (80%) chance of rain today, and we have had rain this morning, so that I have done only partial chores.  I anticipated this, and filled all the inside waterers to the brim last night, so that I did not have to do waters this morning. 
The ducks, of course, have made their pond filthy, and their waterers in the chicken yard are also soiled, but that can wait until the rain stops for a while (and it looks as if it is). 

We have a baseball game tonight, but won't be going if it's wet out. 

My helpers were helping me do chores. 
This one got his collar back on a little later. 
They are designed to break apart if caught on something, but oh, so handy if I have to restrain the boys from coming through the gate, etc. 

The cockerel from the three chicks trio is turning into a very nice young man.  I don't know where he got that short tail... but I am certain he is out of one of the Red Star hens and Buddy, the red and white bantam rooster from the old henhouse.  

Because of the cooler temperatures, someone else was helping me.  It did her a world of good to get outside and run around in the yard for a while.  She was waiting patiently for me on the deck of the henspa as I did the outside water.  

I know she tuckered out a little, as she would usually come down and run around IN the henyard while I did the water. 

Why We Are Not Getting Corn Cobs from This Side

Four little bantams, frozen in time.  

We finally got to Buffy's beak, which I showed you earlier this week. 
We really trim it five or six times a year, I have never had a bird's beak grow as fast or as long as this girl's does. 
And guess what? 

Here it is trimmed up.  You do have to be very careful about doing this, as you can cause bleeding by going to far.  You see we were pretty close to the line.  I wish I had shaped the beak a little more, but the point is, she can peck easily now. 
She is five years old, and was still laying about four eggs a week... but I have not gotten a egg from her now in almost a week. 

The Chief Trimming Assistant. 

I wish we had trimmed the feathers around her eyes, too, as I always have felt sorry for her inability to see well. 

Don't worry, the other chore helper was around, too! 

I've noticed in the last four days that pictures have begun loading very slowly again on Blogger... is it just me or are any of you having the same problem? 

I also would love to hear from anyone who has done a giveaway on their blog... I have some books I would love to giveaway, but I am not sure how to do it... 
if you have experience with this, would you note it in a comment, or write me at 

I would appreciate it very much! 

Now I'm going to read a few of your blogs and get started on my week's set of tasks here. 


  1. Enjoyed your kids pictures...i kept calling a little pug that we visited yesterday Abby instead of Oddie cos she looked so much like her. Their farm reminded my mom's of yours, so we were confused all day!!
    stella rose

  2. Maybe you haven't gotten any eggs from Buffy because she couldn't eat??? Poor dear!! You don't have to trim anyone else do you??? Don't they naturally grind their beaks on rocks and branches and stuff??

  3. I have my helpers too. Makes sewing, changing light bulbs, etc. so much more fun.....NOT!

  4. Mary Ann,

    I sent you an e-mail, I hope it helps.

  5. A giveaway is simple. You simply write a blog post about what you'd like to give away, and include what you want your readers to do to enter the blog post. I just have them leave a comment on whatever topic I've chosen.. you saw my last one on random acts of Kindness. Then once you've given them time to respond, chose the winner in whatever manner you see fit. It's your blog! You get to make the rules. The winner does have to e-mail you their mailing address so you can send off the gift.

  6. Love the pics of the goats, what great help they are! Your posts have convinced me of the merits of having goats but after wanting ducks for ages I am not sure I want to clean out duck ponds all the time, looks like hard work... but Donald and his girls are gorgeous.... maybe one day!

  7. We continue to have cooler weather here too. Enjoyed all your pictures as always. Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

  8. Hasn't it been nice to have these cooler temps?
    The rain today was nice too.

    I have done several giveaways, give
    me a shout.


  9. Looks like you've gotten help on the giveaway. We are enjoying a bit cooler weather, too, although no rain. Low 80s feels good after 90s!

  10. Loved your photos and I second what Karen said about giveaways. Enjoy the cooler temps and rain while we have them!

  11. Cute pictures!!! Are they bigger? Your photos just look great.


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