Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday Shots

I'm going to make a few more blogging comments and then show some random shots from the week.  We have a T Bones game tonight, as our season winds down.  It's in the 70's outside... and we have talked about wearing jeans to the game tonight! 

One of the things I have noticed (favorably) lately is that more and more blogs have done away with word verification.  Thank you, Bloggers!  There is nothing more tiresome than sitting down to read blogs of a morning, and having to verify, verify, verify.  I can't read the numbers half the time, and am constantly taking my glasses off and drawing close to the screen, over and over, when it is on. 

Another thing I've noticed, even on some favorite blogs, is that the blogger is still setting picture size at 
It is possible to go from small, to medium, to large, to the one I use... "extra-large".  It really makes it so much easier for those reading the blog to see the things about which you are writing. 
I started out at medium four years ago, and I am satisfied with "extra-large".  
There are several blogs I would LOVE to see enlarge their pictures... because they take lovely ones. 

I did not get to go to the fair last night, as my friend has kennel cough in her kennel right now. An AKC breeder and shower of Pointers, she had not thought about the fact that we have our dear old Ranger here, with a compromised health.  We erred on the side of caution, because even exposure to her might have brought it home to us.  I did not want to take the chance. 

Our own Leavenworth County fair is next week, so I will have some pictures of that. 

I don't know if you can see what's in the middle of this picture.  Yesterday, on my way to the estate sale, I took a wrong turn, or rather, missed a turn.  I saw a break in the vegetation, and as I pulled off the opposite side to turn around, I realized there was an old barn and silo in all the trees!  My gosh... you could even see where the road into it was.  I wonder how long it's been there. 

It saddens me to see these abandoned houses along the roads.  Someone is cutting here, but the house is decrepit.  Some have been swallowed up with vegetation.  I always wonder who raised their families here, and how they came to be abandoned. 

Woo hoo... here's five of the roosters hanging out in the old henyard. 

Buddy, on the left, has taken on the leadership since Rambo disappeared... even though he is diminutive, he is the boss, believe me! 

There are only 17 birds left in the old henhouse, and of those, 10 are roosters.  Pretty soon it's going to be the Boys Club. 

It took her almost two hours, but she finally got Aflac's egg down her mouth.  Aflac lays a two-yolker almost every single day now, and I let this one stay in the dog house an hour too long. 

I can't believe she did it. 

When Keith and I visit on the patio in the evening, the dogs like to kibbutz. 

The shadecloth over the henspa yard is still holding up pretty well. 

(via Pinterest) 

Only the end of July, but I'm gettin' in the mood! 

We're also discussing Christmas, because you just can't plan too far ahead. 
We were treated very well at the Hereford House of Shawnee, last year, and we think we're going to call them this week and reserve the same room again for this year's celebration.  Keith's newest grandson will be due about the time of our party!  That will be the greatest Christmas gift two years in a row, because little Brynn was born the day of, last year. 

Everyone have a great Sunday! 


  1. Mary Ann,

    I'm w/you on the word verification front. I also stopped reducing my pics just recently, so those can click to biggefy.

    I also see old houses along the way to the Country House that makes me wonder who lived there. There's got to be someone in that family left, right?

    B-T-W, your patio looks great. And, I'm so jealous of the cooler temps. At 6p tonight we are still at 85!

  2. I have just started following your blog. My wife and I enjoy reading it and seeing the pictures that you post. We like anything to do with home steading. Feel free to find out a little about us at Two Cedars Micro Farm.

  3. Cool shot of the barn and silo hidden in the brush! I like extra-large pictures too...well, except that snake eating the egg! LOL!! One of my blogger pet peeves is fancy, too-small text. I have to zoom to 150% or 200% to read it. Luckily, there are only a couple of blogs I follow that do that.

  4. I didn't even know you could set the size of the pictures. I know you can click them to enlarge them.

  5. That's so funny! We were just talking about how we need to have a big Halloween blowout this year with the neighbors, Dave and Christine. Great minds must think alike!

  6. Every time we try to adjust things on the blog- something gets all screwed up! We want extra large too- but it won't do it for us. Blogger is silly.
    But we love your blog and your photos!

  7. That snake has made herself at home, that's for sure. I'll bet she thinks you made a smorgasbord, just for her dining pleasure!

  8. I loved your pictures today. The roosters all gathered together and your dogs by the patio are my favorites. Glad you got some cooler weather there. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday !

  9. Word verification drives me crazy too!!!

  10. Oh my goodness - Halloween! I started thinking about the Fall holidays and Christmas the other day too. It'll be here before we know it. I so agree about the word verification. :) The Roos all hanging out together is great!!

  11. I can't believe that snake got that egg down!


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