Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer is Definitely Here

It has not been as hot as it was Tuesday, these last two days, thank heavens.  

Everyone is still taking it easy, though. 

Donny and his girls had the right idea. 

I had just cut grass, and it was nice and cool in the shade. 

The Henspa Boys and Girls had treats outside. 

And inside.  Even the rafter dwellers. 

If you biggify this, you can see the Little Guys laying companiably in the henyard, chewing their cuds as I came out to do water this afternoon.  They crack me up. 

It was a good day for bathing.  

I started to cut the pasture, but realized something. 

The grass has mostly gone dormant.  You can see how our pasture slopes up, and was terraced when this was a strawberry farm.  
I did cut the center.. it was the area where we once had the little pond, and it is all overgrown in weeds.  The extension agent told me not to let them grow this year. 

In the fall, I'll hitch up Troy's pull-behind aerator, and aerate and re-seed the pasture. 

I did cut about 1/4 acre, and then stopped.  I cut the top where the birds and goats go back and forth, though. 

The Duck Pond Express ready to roll. 
The flower beds got this water this morning. 

The deck plants are looking good, but must be watered daily.  You see I have ripe cherry tomatoes on the one cherry plant I bought at the nursery.  It has no center stem, so is kind of odd, but it's bearing so who am I to argue? 

Here are the plants in the other corner.  The calibrachoa has not done well this year... I bought premium plants at my favorite nursery, and they have not thrived as they did last year, even with the wicked heat.  Not sure what the difference is, but have they bred the hybrid vigor out of them? 

This guy was in the pasture early this morning... I can't tell if it is the coyote with the hurt leg or not... looking for anything to eat.  It was the only thing on the camera besides some starlings. 

We have not lost any other birds since Rambo was taken. 

My container corn is doing great... and it gets duck water, too. 

The vegetable garden is looking good, and in the middle of the picture, you can just see the other bed of corn.  It's doing well, too.  I've really made an effort to keep things watered this summer. 
I'm going to try to get around and read everyone's blogs tomorrow morning after I pick up an order at Caprine Supply.  I know I'm behind... it's the time of year! 


  1. That picture from the pasture cam looks like a pig =o)

  2. Seems like thete is ALWAYS something to do.

    I left a reply for you on my current post.


  3. I would have to agree with Sandy above. It does look like a pig.

  4. Making a post about animals keeping cool...would like to connect to your snake cooling post is that's okay...let me know please.

  5. Your garden IS doing great!! That night shot looks like a pig - just too much hair/fur.

  6. I agree with the others, I thought it was a pig too.

    Yup, when we have critters, and gardens, along with the rest of what life requires, time is fleeting and sitting down to blog sometimes is just too much after working pretty much a 12 to 14 hour day AT HOME !Calamity Acres looks to be a happily busy place.

  7. Stay cool ! Hope you have a great weekend !

  8. I also thought it was a pig!

    Our garden looks alot like yours, although we've had enough rain (besides this darn heat!) that the watering hasn't been so bad. The humidity is awful this year, weird.

  9. You have a lot to care for around there. I can only imagine how busy you must be. I enjoyed all the pictures and agree with the others, that the coyote looked like a pig. Strange one that. Hope you have a fantastic Friday!

  10. Lot's of hard work, but worth it for the veggies.

    Happy weekend.

  11. Your corn looks great! Love the pictures. It's cooled off a bit here, at least the humidity is down. Hope it's the same for you.


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