Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Hodge Podge Post

Kind of a hodge-podge post today while I work on some things in the house, and get ready for grandson Chris to help me for a day. 

Tomorrow I'll run down to Garnett (if one "runs" 75 miles) to get him for just an overnight stay.  He'll get us caught up on weed-eating, and he and I will take another run to the transfer station, before I take him back down on Friday morning.  

Transfer station = dump. 

Always something accumulating here, as there is on every place. 

We had warm temps yesterday, but not as warm as Monday's were. 

I'm not so sure there aren't two here.  That's the water bowl I keep on top of the closet in the old henhouse. 


The muskmelons are looking GOOD, but the pumpkins did not germinate. 
I'm going to replant today, in hopes of getting some by the end of October for the little ones. 

Our ONE green pepper plant... finally bearing.  We just don't eat that many green peppers, and I hate to take up space for them.  Likewise... we won't be planting as many peas in the future.  

Abu Rawan on the vine.  I am picking lots of these.  Yes, I've got a few problems going on, and one of them is blossom end rot on the SuperSauces.  Disheartening.  I'm looking for a fast natural way to get calcium to them... we don't eat that many eggs (go figure) but I should have thought to keep the egg shells from the brownies I made yesterday.  If I can't figure out something today, I'll order some foliar spray from Gardener's Supply. 

I'm making spaghetti sauce (Mrs. Wages) today. 

We are still getting plenty of tomatoes. 

The colors of fall are beginning to show their heads around here.  This was a frame Keith started at one time for a seperate turkey shelter.  I doubt that we will have turkeys again, but we left it standing. 

No, these aren't pictures of two little goat booties... I wanted to show you the cracks beginning to show in the ground here due to the lack of regular rain.  

Click on this picture to biggify it, really. 
You will laugh. 

I was on my way to get something from the henhouse porch when the periscope came up.  Both of them were sleeping in the empty trough.  They Know When Their MaaMaa Is Near. 
(there is water in the smaller fortex) 

This blurry picture was on the game cam last night.  
In it is something I don't like to see, even less than the coyotes. 


The last two nights I have left the popholes open, because, as Keith said, the heat is the biggest enemy right now. 
This guy could easily have gotten in, and we have seen what coons and possums do to chickens. Yes, the pasture gate was shut... but still. 

One of the things I'll have Chris do tomorrow is go around with the stapler, stapling down chicken wire. 

I let the boys into the yard while I am doing chores, they love to browse around.  I ran inside to get something, and when I came back, Kaycee jumped out of the back of the HHR... and his collar was up around his horns and face.  It's off at the moment, I need two additional hands to hold him while I put it back on. 

We are down another hen in the old henyard with the passing of the poor old red hen... but yesterday, four of the girls actually laid.  One was in the inside nestboxes... one in the old rabbit hutch in the little henyard, and two in the hayfeeder in the goatyard! 
Snakes got the first two eggs mentioned, and I won't let that happen today.. I had seen the eggs and left them for "later" when I did chores.  The snakes beat me to them. 

The chickens love to get a cold drink of well water when I fill the duck pond. 

Not sure what's going on with this picture, but I can't get it to rotate... our pears are coming along nicely. 

Today we welcome Karen at This Old House 2 to our sidebar... I hope you will all take a look at her blog, it's a really good one! 


  1. Those goats are a hoot!

    My Redneck went to town yesterday evening and when he came back he said he killed a very bad snake right at our driveway. It was a copper head and headed toward our yard. uug!

    I would have hated to run up on that one.

  2. I've heard a good thick sprinkle of powdered milk helps with blossum-end rot (adds calcium) and I know some folks put epsom salts on their tomatoes, maybe for the same reason, but I don't remember.

  3. Love your goats. I always look forward to seeing them in your posts. I would love to have a couple myself, but I can't where I am. So I will just enjoy yours through your blog :o)

  4. OH we just loving seeing pictures of those babies....but not the snakes...ewwww......thank you for your comment you left me about the house we live in...we like it alot too but it is old and the floors run says it makes vacuuming hard...that tomoto looks made a run this morning and loaded up veg at the amish...thank goodness some peoples around here can grow foods!
    stella rose

  5. Nice you have your grandson coming to help out there again. I have a couple that are 13 now and could help a lot but they live too far away for me to go get them. Only the little ones 3 and under live close by. We continue to have lots of rain here so danger of drying out . Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  6. we have had tons of rain and now are finally getting slightly cooler weather. yikes...those snakes! my peppers are so slow this year. have fun with your grandson!

  7. I think you need a bigger dish for those poor snakes:) Wish we could send you some rain, 4 more inches here in the last 2 days. Nearly all the crops are failing.

    What about screen doors for you pop-holes???

  8. I always enjoy coming by your blog to see what's going on at your place! So interesting. But those snakes...yikes! I killed many snakes when we lived in the country and my children were little and running around the yard.

  9. Hope you get rain soon !!!

  10. Cheryl is right--snakes YUCK.
    But those goats just crack me up!!!

    Take it slow, it is still a
    warm one.


  11. Thanks for joining my followers - which led me to find and explore your blog. Welcome to mine and I look forward to reading more of your posts! We will be getting chickens once we get a hen house built. I sure miss our girls and the eggs. Your garden looks wonderful. You have me dreaming about mine...


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