Wednesday, July 10, 2013

And the Beat Goes On

Watering daily now.  I need to move the hose over here, today. 

If I water on "mist" I can do it for hours without running the pump down. 

I love the color and form of this small double daylilly. 

I posted it on Facebook yesterday, I am such a Facebook newbie. 

Everyone is finding ways to stay cooler in the heat.  I found a tiny egg in this hutch after these two had left. 

We're all drinking lots of water to stay hydrated. 

These two always drink together.  Ranger can't get up and down easily, so I often bring him a bowl. 

Even in the heat, I love looking at the gardens, even the ones I have to dig up and move this fall! 

I hope you enjoy the following video of Lilly on the stalk for a rabbit.  You can barely see the rabbit on the right, and don't worry.. it got away when she made her rush.  You see she checks back with me to see if she's in trouble! 

The noise in the background is vehicles going by on 24/40, which is just 2/10s of a mile away from us... the only drawback to our blissful life here. 


  1. Right now I don't have to worry about watering our plants as it has been raining just about every single day this summer in here West Virginia! lol We have been on a flood watch/warning almost every single day also! lol It is so hard to plan what you are going to do when you live in a flood prone area that I live in. Not the house, just the road and fields near my house. Your flowers are beautiful! It is very hot here but there are so many different puddles of water and the creek is full so I don't have to worry about watering my dogs. They actually prefer the creek water over our water from the house! They hate it when we are in a drought and I have to water them from the house. I didn't see the bunny but I can tell that your pup knew that it should ask for permission from you about going after the critter. Smart pup! Mine like to chase them when they can but they don't ever catch them. My corgi is a herding dog and she just likes to run around the yard with them! lol

  2. We can hear the highway loud and clear from our place too.

  3. My mom has plants in our yard waiting to be watered and she is to lazy when she gets home from work to do it...sigh...i guess me and the gangsta kids will need to go do it for her.
    stella rose

  4. We don't have highway noises but in the country when harvest season starts, those trucks & make shift watermelon school buses & all the very large commercial equipment is LOUD & most of them get a VERY early start.

  5. We should get a break tomorrow for a day!



  6. Flowers are looking good. I'm working hard watering too. Lilly seemed to want your permission.

  7. 2 tenths of a mile sounds not too bad, we are on the side of the main road here! cant be helped. We`ve got ourselves a heatwave here, been on for a week now! fantastic, trouble is, before long they will be shouting "drought"

  8. Your garden flowers look lovely!!
    Thank goodness we haven't had rain for the last several days.
    Can't believe I'm saying that after having drought for the last 2-3 years!!

  9. Your flowers are very pretty. I love coneflowers! As if you can't tell, if you see my blog. Haha. I'm so glad they are a hardy flower. They sure need to be in the heat we've been having!

  10. I have highway noise too. When we first bought the place I couldn't even sleep at night. Now I don't hear or see it at all. We adjust : ) Loving your flower gardens! I like the wood fence. Looks like Lily is pointing?


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