Wednesday, July 17, 2013

More Looking Back and Funny Goats

Gosh, how things change.  

I guess time always marches on, doesn't it?  

I hope you won't mind if I post some more pictures of our place in the past nine years.  As Keith reminded me this morning, this is our NINTH summer here, not our tenth. 

Time still flies. 

Here was the house in September of 2006. 
Our pony Beau used to come up on the porch, and if we were sitting outside, he would come up to the edge of the porch and listen in to our conversations. 

Here it is this morning.  Yes, we need to weedeat and we are looking for affordable good patio furniture. 

Big changes. 

The "gardens" all those years ago: 

That was just about it, three little boxes of plants on the north side of the brand new arbor. The white rose in the distance didn't make it. 

These boxes are now buried under the north perennial bed. 

Here's the south border this morning, from the other side of the arbor, and the north bed (that you see above) is around the corner.  It's so full I have to dig it up this fall and relocate some of the plants. 

 The swallows who have nested above our door for the last 3 years did not raise their first brood there this summer.  Then, two weeks ago, mama swallow began adding onto the nest.  She has used chicken feathers to make a very nice padding for her second clutch.  We know they were here somewhere, because we kept seeing them.  They must have decided to come back to the shaded front door for the second brood. 

Daddy had to repair some holes last night that two little goats had made in the fence. 

He was trying to staple here.  

Then, he moved out to the pasture gate to fix loose wire there.  That gate has to be removed and the whole side fence rebuilt... it's on the "C" list right now. 

As you see, he had lots of help.  Kaycee especially loves Keith. 

 Then it got really hard for him! 

Uh huh. 

These two guys are having their nosh outside, because of the wasps.  After I hot shotted the nest (because of being buzzed closely for the first time) I was stung once.  I don't need to be reminded, believe me.  I stuck my head in several times, but could not go back in as some angry wasps were in there.  

So, when Keith came home, I asked him to retrieve the spray, which was on the goat's bed, and to get the two pieces of nest that had fallen on the floor, where the babies could get them. 

Keith took two for the Gipper, one on the head, and one on his hand. 

His right hand was swollen this morning, and I asked him to please stop by the ER if it kept up.  The whole hand was swollen! 

My sting has just burst, so I'm guessing it's okay. 

For the first time, I did not lock the babies in there at night, I was too afraid to lock them up if there were more angry wasps in there. 

This morning, I saw no wasps.  Yet. 

Despite the tantalizing clouds last night and right now, we have still had no rain.  

Praying today for Donna and Kevin from Our Forest Haven.  Donna will be doing her pre-op prep, and Kevin will be .... worrying. 
I'm praying everything goes very well for them tomorrow, and we will soon be reading of the adventures of Douglas, Norman, Rollie, and all the other creatures at Our Forest Haven. 

Oh.... and before I forget... today is the third anniversary of our own tornado here at Calamity Acres. 

Here is the tree that went down in the "gustnado", which is what they called it.  Channel Five and Channel Nine came out and stayed for four hours (slow news night!) and did their nightly telecasts from our yard.  It took out the light pole with the farm light, and pulled the wiring loose from the house.  Of course, it was a very hot and humid July night, so Kathy and Troy kindly invited us to stay at their house that night.  Keith opted to rough it with the dogs, but grandson Chris and I took advantage of their hospitality. 

Troy cut most of the tree up for firewood, but the trunk lies on to remind us of that wild night. 
Chris and Nathan and their mom were just at the edge of the road when they saw the tornado life out of our neighbor's pasture... cross the road, and come into our yard.  Keith and I had just run into the house with the dogs since the tree branches were rotating oddly, and we WATCHED as the pole and tree went down! 

Whew, what a night!  


  1. I love both your deck & patio outdoor living area(s).

    Sorry about the wasps. I know they have their place but they always build their nests in the wrong place & then get mad at us for being near. I have heard that they will never build a nest in the same spot again as the one that got knocked down. I know that's true of our carport, so hopefully the inside of the goat house will be safe from now on.

  2. I hate wasps . . . I know they have a purpose in this world, but I wish they would do whatever they do far away for people. Your outdoor space is amazing. You have done so much through the years, and those little goats,oh my goodness, they are adorable. We had friends, that have since moved away, but when they lived here they had a small goat farm. I was so surprised at how sweet and loving goat are, much like puppies :)
    Thanks for sharing.
    I always enjoy before and afters. I find much inspiration in seeing them :)
    Have a wonderful week.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  3. I've never heard of a sting bursting. I hope you put some peroxide on it afterward.

  4. Your place looks so nice!!!
    stella rose

  5. I too have never heard of a stink bursting. I hope everything is alright with you and your husband's stings! It is hard to keep the wasp away. I love your new porch and patio area! I'm hoping that one of these years we will get around to putting the porch that is supposed to go on the side of our house up! lol That feathered bird nest was a sight to see! Since we don't have chickens the birds around our house use our dogs hair to build their nest.

  6. Yes, praying for Donna and her team of doctors.

    Isn't it odd how you forget how much you've accomplished around a house and yard until you look at old pictures? Y'all have made such a pleasant place to sit outside. I'm curious--have you ever taken the baby goats inside the house for a visit? Or did you post on it and I miss it?

  7. Oh, I just hate anything with a stinger! Ouch!! Hope your hubbies hand is better!
    Love your deck and all the pretty flowers. Your place looks wonderful!

  8. Good grief, I should have written 'hubby's'. What was I thinking?? I think this heat is turning my brain to mush.

  9. The 9 or 10 years you've lived there have been busy ones for you. What a difference that decking and patio make . You've made some great strides in your planting too. It's nice to look back and see all you've done. I hope the wasps are gone and the goats can go back home and that your hubby is ok with the stings too. Praying for your friends today!

  10. Next time you get stung, try dabbing it with Clorox bleach. I would have never believed it would have worked. Takes the sting out and helps with the swelling. A trick my redneck husband taught me.

  11. It's fun to see how things change over the years. Love the before and afters - your garden is gorgeous!

    Stay away from those wasps - I had a horrible reaction all of a sudden after getting stung. Now I need immediate help - be careful.



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