Friday, July 12, 2013

Back To Regular Programming

I have been lolly gagging this morning, I admit it. 

Reading blogs, doing email... reading The Facebook feed, which I have come so lately to doing. 

At around 9:15, I drove over to De Soto, to pick up an order.  I went through farmland to do so, and saw lots of neat things. 

I passed acres and acres of corn growing well. 

I stopped to admire this beautiful estate for sale... but it has been for sale for a long, long time.  It is on it's third realtor. 

Funny, I am so satisfied with our plain little house.  

I'm not satisfied with the unfinished deck on the side, though... and Keith is meaning to get to this as soon as the weather is a little kinder.  Yesterday afternoon, I climbed into the framework to cut down TREES and weeds growing higher than you see here.  

I disturbed a nest of wasps by doing so.  
I was stung once by five wasps at once, many years ago, and I have a fear of them because of it. 

I managed to get out of the framework and drive the tractor and cart away before being stung.  

We are going to Roundup this area... we don't have a choice.  Then the deck will be finished, and the wasp problem allayed. 

On my way to Caprine Supply this morning, I passed a pasture where a lone cow was standing by the fence.  I realized a new born calf was literally hanging down her rear, almost ready to drop. 

I told the lady at Caprine about it. 

When I came back by, I took some pictures. 

There was the baby on the ground and already up, tottering around her. 

It made me feel so good to see that baby had found the milk bar, and was already getting it's vital colostrum from mama.  

My chore help this morning was being VERY naughty, and had to go back in the house! 

I stopped at a moving sale this morning... and asked questions about something I saw on the road to the sale.  I discovered something I had tried for years to find out about.  

Sunday, I'll make a short trip to take pictures and then write all about it on the blog. 

Have a great weekend, everyone... we have the T Bones tonight... still losing, but we love our team! 


  1. Abby, you bad thing. In trouble again.

    Good thing momma didn't spank you.

    Happy weekend.

  2. I couldn't be sure from the picture, but the weeds in your deck area appear to be either evening primrose or mullein. Both have some medicinal value, so you might want to look them up on line before you spray them. You could always harvest a little, THEN spray what's left.

  3. It is sad about that lovely property being on the market for so long. I'm with you, I love our little place, much easier to care for. Wow, those are some serious weeds growing up through the deck! I hope ya'll can get it finished soon. Great pictures of the newborn calf! :)

  4. Hope it's cooled some for all.

  5. Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I agree with your comment. I can't understand someone asking for an opinion, getting it, then crying because someone gave you their opinion. ha I'm wondering if it's not the need for attention. There has to be a reason this sort of thing happens every 6 months or so.

    Your photos are great. I love the momma cow and calf.

    The estate is splendid. It would be lovely to live there.

    I am looking for a chicken coop 'cause I want some chickens! :-) Yours are pretty.

    Wishing you a great weekend.

  6. What an added blessing to see that calf being born this morning! So glad you stopped and got a picture. Hope your team wins!

  7. Glad the calf is okay.

    Enjoy the "cooler" weather this weekend.


  8. Love the photo of Mama and baby. What great pictures. I was once stung by a group of hornets -- never sure how many -- and ended up in the emergency room. Developed a healthy regard for hornets.

  9. I'm like you - have a zillion things I need and want to do - but I sit my bottom down in front of the computer and 2 hours later --- after reading my email, facebook and blog --- in that order - my morning is gone :-//

  10. Hi Mary Ann, Weeds! Urgh! Sick of them this summer, but not about the glorious sunshine we are having in bucket loads! wasps, yeah we have several nests in the roof of our 300 year old cottage. Same every year, they get in under the eaves. But the man with the white suit will be along soon!

  11. Days like this are juust gorgeous. Time to notice everything and feel content.
    Cheers Gillian

  12. Oh Abby you just grab that tbone and run over to our house!!
    stella rose


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