Friday, July 5, 2013

More Random Notes on Friday

This hen, Libby... tricked me yesterday.  She made a huge production of flying up into the rabbit hutch and rooting around in the straw of the nest box (behind the towel)  I checked out there two hours later, and no egg. 
I got TWO eggs from the big henhouse yesterday.  Truly, most of the younger girls are now gone. 

Two days ago, I posted a picture of the remnants of our Japanese bantam flock. 
The same day, I took this picture of Buddy, and two of the red hens.  See the red hen with her head up, and the "white" tail?  I noticed as I was filling the duck pond that day that she was standing very still, with her eyes closed. 
In my mind I did an "Uh oh". 
That evening, I put the third porcelain in the henhouse next to his brother... and found her dead, under the roost she had fallen from.  We have had this happen maybe five times in the last few years... a bird, reaching the end of it's days... literally falling dead off the roost. 
RIP, Little Red Hen. 

On the good news side.... the porcelain roosters here: 

took exactly two days to learn that they no longer live in the little red henhouse, but sleep in the big henhouse with the other birds.  That's what losing Rambo has done... it has re-organized the flock... but, oh, how I miss him and his reassuring presence. 
Tomorrow night, we'll move the 3 month old chicks to the henspa, and close up the little white house. 

Our boys wore their red, white and blue uniforms last night... and you can see the homeplate logo was remade in red, white and blue.  We beat the Sioux Falls Canaries (yes, really) and the T Bones played GREAT.  There were several trades made in the last week that brought some former major-leaguers to us, and man, did it ever make a difference! 
Here's Devin Goodwin about to go to bat. 

Former Royals great Frank White is the T Bones' first base coach; that's he in the corner of the dugout in this picture, hand on his hat.   There is a grass roots movement to get him elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame HERE and Keith and I will be adding to the list of those wishing him admittance. 
We didn't think he would stay a second season, but here he is, passing on his knowledge to the younger players.  We had quite the crowd, 8800 in our stadium, and a wonderful fireworks display afterwards. 
We have tickets for tonight, too, and are looking forward to watching our new players again. 
We live only 15 minutes from the park, and there is no parking fee... it's just a wonderful evening when we go, made better by the new players! 

Do NOT feed your goats like this! 
Poor Kody and Kaycee had to put up with the sniffing dogs as Keith brought them up on the porch to feed them.  Yes, they are still getting a little milk, and as you can see, they were pretty glad to get it, enough to ignore the dogs for a minute.  

And then someone had to come in for a minute to see what the other side looked like! 

Here's Rooster Moe this morning.  He is almost a year old now, as are the other two small roosters in the henspa. 

They take good care of the little hens in the henspa... and I'm hoping they won't beat up too badly on the new cockerel when he comes over tomorrow night.  The best time to move and introduce birds is at night... we'll move them in, put them down... and in the morning, they'll all wake up together and theoretically, accept each other.  I'll get up early Sunday morning and go out and make sure no one is killing the other. 

Sometimes it's hard....

To take pictures of the goats! 

It won't be long now! 


  1. I always enjoy your pictures. I have one little tomato so far, about the size of a nickel. But then, I only have two plants.

  2. Happy goats...and happy looking tomato plants! :)

  3. It's great you live so close to the ball field and can go often. I enjoyed all the goat and rooster pictures today. Sorry about the little red hen. I guess that's how we'd all like to go, in our sleep and peaceful like.

  4. I think you take wonderful photos of everything.

  5. I love the chickens. My grandson raises Porcelains and I think they're so pretty.

  6. The goats just crack me up again! Going in the house--oh boy!

    The T-bones look great! We haven't been yet but will get
    there hopefully.


  7. I'm really sorry about the hen and losses. Those roosters are really, really, gorgeous. I love the goat pictures, adorable. The game looks great, love the uniforms! I cannot wait for tomatoes.

  8. Awww - so sorry about the red hen. I'm glad she died quickly. I've had some linger without figuring out what's wrong to help them in time.

    Those roo's are very handsome!

  9. Loving your baseball images -- I am a real fan, but don't get to watch much real action.

    So sorry about your old chickens. So sad. They are beautiful and I'm glad you captured some photos of them. xo

  10. This is where I would be saying fried green tomato and the hubby says not until we have a red tomato and bacon sandwich. If that's the worst thing we argue about then I guess we are doing good.

  11. Love your little porcelain rooster ...we have one up and coming now, from Mountain mans random pick chicks at the feed store this Spring. He still eats right out of your hand (the rooster not Mountain man ).


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