Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Morning

Last night I posted a picture of Keith with Kaycee in his arms, sitting on the patio.  About an hour after I posted, I went out to lock up, and Keith had let the babies into the yard to keep him company out there.  I found Kaycee in his lap again, and sound asleep, with   Keith hating to get up to put him in the pen for the night! 
That little black goat sure has an affinity for his Daddy. 

This was the old henhouse flock last year at this time: 

Well, part of the flock.  Almost all these birds are gone now.  I was getting ten dozen a week to donate... and I'm down to six dozen now, with two dozen of those being duck eggs.  

If it was up to Aflac, there would be an increase in the duck population!  She stole back in while the others were out grazing this morning, and waited until I got up from the chair as I filled the pool... and then promptly packed herself back onto the four eggs in the nest.  Lovely. 

I knew the signs... the eggs have been covered with debris and feathers for the last three days. 
I don't know if the snakes can get their mouths around the duck eggs. 

Here are two of the Mille Fleurs, Bitsy and Junior, cleaning up what was left of the watermelon I gave them last night.  As Bitsy gets older, she gets whiter... this is common with Millies. 

Junior is only a year old at this point. 

Yep, I'm doin' it the easy way, ladies!  
I need to go out and find another pound of tomatoes, and then I'm going to make some Salsa for us.  We have PLENTY of freezer space around here, so I am going to freeze it, instead of hauling the canner out again. 

I hope to make some spaghetti sauce and some chili base courtesy of Mrs.Wages this week, too. 

Our dear old boy has been keeping me company this morning... I am so glad to still have him at my side. 

Keith has just called me to tell me the Royal baby is on the way, so I am going to go turn the news on and get on with the sauce-making, so I can monitor the progress! 

Everyone have a wonderful day, and especially Donna and Kevin, on the far side of their big day last Thursday!  


  1. Oh we are coming over to your house so we can just bask in those cooking smells...yummy!!! We think those goats are in love with their daddy! We liked that picture of Ranger, you can tell he is happy right where he is at.
    Mom was gonna go help out at adopt a day at the heartland humane center on saturday but she came down with a one day bug, it was probably some type of intervention cos she didn't know if she could have left without louie or not.
    stella rose

  2. I'm curious to hear how your salsa turns out, frozen! That would be easier than hauling out the canner on these hot days, for sure!

  3. My wife grew up with duck eggs, but I've never had one.

  4. Ranger, you are a very sweet boy.

    Kaycee is gonna miss Daddy's lap when he's too big.

    I love Ms. Wages.

  5. I've never used Mrs. Wages and now I'll be on the lookout for it. It will nice you can enjoy all those good tomatoes later on. Freezing always seemed easier than canning to me. I used to stock mine when I had a family, but now with just me, I gave my freezer away. For what little I need the one in the fridge is sufficient. Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

  6. Thank goodness for a healthy royal baby! Ranger looks baffled by all the fuss over that famous puppy's arrival!

  7. I simple cannot wait to be harvesting enough tomatoes to do more than eat fresh off the vine (not that I'm complaining, at all)! Hope your day was as wonderful as it sounds like it was planned to be :-)

  8. I don't think I'll ever get enough tomatoes on my vines to make anything. But just in case, where do you find the Mrs. Wages? I don't remember ever seeing it. I'm glad the new heir has arrived all safe and sound!
    Stay cool!


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