Sunday, July 7, 2013

Catching Up on Sunday Night

This picture is of the south end of our pasture this morning. 
It had become a terrible mess of vines and weeds. 
You could not walk into it at all, the plants were seven feet tall in places. 

Where you see the REALLY tall plants here is right against the south fence of the little henyard.  I'm telling you, it was a jungle. 

Here's why... neighbor Troy came over and knocked down the high stuff for us! 
He ran out of gas in the old tractor... and it was iffy if she was going to start again... so he was willing her to start in this picture! 

She DID start and he was able to drive her home down the road. 

We are so grateful to him for knocking down all the hiding places. 

It got hot today... and frozen jugs came out.  There are frozen bottles in the waterers, too. 
I have a steady supply out in the freezer for the next few days that will be in the low to mid 90's. 

The outside water wasn't forgotten, either... the jug keeps it very, very cool! 

Rooster Two hung out with Mary in the cool corner by the duck pool. 

While Rooster One and his little pal Teeny Two hung out in the dust of the cool little henyard. 

While their brother Rooster Three couldn't find any hen who would give him the time of day. 

I had some chore help. 

They love the lineup of shrubs right here, and always have to stop to have a bite. 

But I finally got them over to their pen, until they heard the tractor coming down the drive.  Yes, the feeder is still used for naps! 

Here's the Grillmeister, getting our steak cooked.  Yes, I say "steak" because we share one now, and always have leftovers to cut up for the dogs.  I remember a day not so long ago when we each would have eaten a steak.  Now we eat appreciably a lot less. 

It was delicious by the way, with corn on the cob and some German potato salad. 

As of today, I am Officially Watering.  I let the hose run on "mist" in several of the beds, and Keith aired my tires up in the little tractor cart, so I can bucket the water from the duck pond easily.  The ground is now very dry, and we are expecting little rain this week.  I noticed the small vernal ponds are drying up again... but Kathy and Troy's pond has come up to it's pre-drought level. 

Tomorrow, I'll start moving the hose around from bed to bed, giving everything a soak every few days. 
I have to be careful that we don't run the well down, and burn the pump out, so I water, then turn it off for a while to give the pump time to build back up. 

So worth it. 

Betty Davis eyes.  


  1. I loved your pictures, but especially those Bette Davis eyes!

  2. We are still wet here. Our rain has continued now for a couple of weeks. Watering is not a problem at all. It would be nice to dry out a little. Glad your friend could cut down some of jungle for you. It does look nice. All your flowers are very pretty. I have a lot blooming here but nothing on the scale you have there. Loved seeing all your pictures.

  3. Great pics ! I bet those steaks were great !!!!

  4. I love that caption of Betty Davis Eyes. It all looks all green and pretty.
    I have used your idea of the ice bottles since you wrote about it.
    I don't know why I never thought about putting it in the chicken waterer before.
    We will be around the 105-8 range this week so I will be still using ice bottles for
    everyone. Your zinnias look wonderful.

  5. ah we loved those betty davis eyes also, momma has been freezing water for us in butter bowls with hidden treats of weinies in them, she gives them to us, when we are spending some alone time, cos if not stella would attack us for the weinies...she is a rip sometimes your flowers are beautiful...we love your deck...everything is so pretty!!
    stella rose and momma

  6. Love the Betty Davis eyes! And the picture of those two peeking out of the feeder bars, so sweet! Your place looks so good, everything so green the effect is of coolness not the heat you're actually feeling.

  7. She's a pretty girl. Love the goats peeking out.

    I love good neighbors.

  8. Always nice to have a helping hand!

    The goats are still cracking me up!

    Stay cool.



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