Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall is Here

Doesn't it seem like we were just experiencing summer's heat?  Tomorrow is supposed to be hot here in Leavenworth County, but by Thursday, temps are to fall to the lower sixties as a high, with lows in the upper thirties.  Yikes!
I have been decorating for fall, and here is the top of the sideboard we bought while Keith was still on active duty:

I love biscuit jars... and the majolica pitcher in the middle was from my mother, via my sister.  We had a running joke that the "pitcher came to me", but somehow, Kathleen ended up with it.  As she lay dying, her husband got into a cupboard and gave it to me, because she had told him I was to have the pitcher right away.  I love it so... it was a favorite of my mother's, and now it reminds me of both of them.
The chocolate pitcher is beautiful... it was given to me by my friend Mary, and I treasure it.  The scrabble pieces spell out the word "Pumpkins"... and came from my favorite antique mall in Ottawa, the Front Porch.
I love fall, can you tell?


  1. I noticed the scrabble word right away...I like that! I am a very sentimental person, so it's neat to hear where the pitchers came from. Those are the best kind of treasures.

  2. I wish I could find an old scrabble set at the thrift store. I'd use some of the letters in some mosaics.

    Great job decorating the mantel.

    I love all your antique china pieces. Beautiful.

  3. It really is looking like fall. We're supposed to get quite cool here as well. That's good.

  4. Looking forward to the cool temps too. Love the sideboard decor.


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