Sunday, October 21, 2012

Garden Bounty

This afternoon, after cutting some grass (!) I wandered over to the vegetable (not) garden for the year... and found some things still available:

Some of those onions are pretty small, but all are usable.  I stripped the greens from them and brought them in, along with the carrots.  I'll use them in stew in the next few days.
I had completely forgotten I had this vibrant purple mum still.  It's a beautiful color, and I am going to look for some the same color to replace these leggy plants with. 
As you can see, the perennial snap in front of it is STILL going strong, despite drought, etc.
I love this little flower, and don't want to lose it, I haven't seen any for sale anywhere this year.
Some more mums blooming now. 
Love the orange... got them at The Henry's Plant Farm last year.
The yellow came from Wal Mart this year, for 1.98 each!
I think these actually were from Howard Pine Nursery in Lawrence, there is a matching plant in the other barrel planter to this one's left, and two in the washtubs on the deck.  I love the yellow eyes.
When I cut the north end of the yard, I found this...
See that strip of yard at the fence that almost looks dead?  I am not sure if the trees sheltering over the ground killed off the grass, but ...
The strip extends down into the pasture, which worries me.  It's time to have someone from Extension come and take a look.
Tiny (6:15 PM Sunday) is still on the Layer List, and says
Goodnight, and Have a Great Start to your Week!


  1. nice to still enjoy the pretty still....hope you get more engines from the gals...Blessings Francine.

  2. Your mums are lovely!! It is nice when they come back year after year and surprise you!!

  3. It really is lovely that we still have things growing in mid October! My roses have rebloomed! it's crazy!

  4. I finished planting all my stuff in buckets on Sunday. Was about time everything got a home.


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