Friday, October 19, 2012

The Cow Post

Gosh, all of you with cows, know that I have Cow Envy. 

I have liked them ever since I was a little thing, wandering amongst my Uncle Marcus's huge Holsteins as they waited patiently to be milked at my grandma's farm.  My little sister was afraid of them... they were so huge to her, and she hated, hated, hated getting manure on her shoes.  (Let me emphasize that again, because it could bring on a huge tantrum!)

I like the whole idea of having a family cow to milk, make butter from and to make cheese.  I don't like the whole idea of being here twice a day to milk now, though, because I am finding out slowly that there is more to life than work and chores, so I would have to ponder long and hard over a cow purchase at this stage of life.

Here are some cows that live close to us, just past Troy and Kathy's next door.  A nice young man is building on this property, and for three years, he has cycled these cows in and out of the property. In the last two weeks, four calves have been born... one mama had a set of twins.  I especially like these cows because I can see them from our deck. (sort of!)  I also like them because they are not just the ubiquitous black baldies, which are so prevalent here, but a mixed group of colors, and I think they look lovely grazing in their pasture.

And I just realized there are FIVE calves... there was a black one off to the right, laying by itself!
Here are some babies I like to stop and look at.... they are from a Jersey dairy herd here in Leavenworth County.  They all raised their heads eventually to see me take a picture of them this afternoon.
And this grainy picture you can click on to biggify is of their mamas... a milking herd I would love to know more about.  I love to go by this place, it reminds me of my grandma's, where my uncle milked for so long.  I see these cattle heading in for milking regularly.

You can't see them in the picture, but there are three cows coming out of the barn after their evening milking... gosh, sometimes I sure wish we had waited and found a place with some barns before buying... we have often thought that. 
I am sure people here in the county think I'm nuts for stopping on the road (when no one is coming!) and taking pictures from the car. 




  1. I was raised with beef cattle, but got rid of mine over 30 years ago. I'd have a milk cow now if my wife wouldn't squawk!

  2. Hello Mary Ann, such sweet animals....they look so gentle....those liquid eyes.....I would love to see cows grazing in the pasture from my deck are blessed....Francine.

  3. Lovely Jersey's! Even though I cannot breed my current Jersey, part of me dreams of another Jersey I could breed to milk. I really like Jerseys... mood swings and all!

  4. If you ever get to PA, stop in and I'll let you hang out with the cows! :) Those Jerseys are pretty...we have a couple of Jersey/Holstein crosses, and I must say, we don't appreciate their personalities, even though they are pretty!

  5. I do love cattle! They are such great moms and very nice. Of course, I think the goats are a lot easier to work with. :-) Barns are great! I would be lost without mine.

  6. I'll throw in my "me too" in regards to having a milk cow. J. cames home a few days ago and said "we oughtta get some miniature cows". Miniature cows! Can you believe it? And they actually exist!

  7. Love cows. Love this post! Especially when I got to the end and saw your line about what must folks think as you slow down to take pics... That's me too! My kids think I'm nuts. Thanks so much for your kind comment at my blog. I'm so happy to have found another like minded friend!

  8. We are lucky enough to have an ice-cream parlour a few miles away. It is the side-line business for the Jersey Cow farm and they always have poddies to pat and their ice-cream is the best in the world!!! It's called "Archer's" and it's just outside Darlington. I promise to take my camera this week because I need some ice-cream.
    Cheers Gillian

  9. I thought I wanted a cow. But, am pretty sure I don't want one now.


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