Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Around the Farm

Okay, around the five acres.... maybe that should be the title, but anytime you raise animals/your own food/garden/ you are a farmer!

It is an absolutely gorgeous day again here, with temps this morning in the high forties. Right now, at 2:06 PM, it's 67 degrees.  The flip-flop from July is dramatic in every sense.

I took the good weather as an opportunity to do some maintenance work.
Here is the big henyard, in August, on the first, actually.

That's the late Clarabelle in the picture.  I miss her.
These saplings were allowed to overgrow because of the heat. 
This afternoon.  The box-like structure is a cage that Keith built many years ago to push up to the front of the "duck house"... the doghouse you see behind it.  It was made for our ducks to sleep in, but we kept some juveniles in there one spring.  Unfortunately, snakes went right through the box, so it was pushed aside and has sat there ever since.  As you see, saplings grew right up through it, but the birds like to roost on it during the day, and we have left it there.  The roof of the duck house needs to be repaired, it's on the "C List". 
I had so much help. 
After I had trimmed the branches, I dragged them down to our brush heap.  Everyone should have a brush heap... it helps the little animals and birds. 

More Helpers....

The floors are on the "A List" and will be a project directly after Christmas.  I just can't take too much drama at once!  Obviously, neither can these two! 



  1. Drama needs to be delivered in delectable small bits so they can be enjoyed like M&Ms.

  2. I smiled so much when I see those cute little puggys! And smart ones too- to go up those couch steps!

  3. lol....we have several brush piles....

    carpet, i hate that stuff. so when we built our house we did stained concrete and didn't score it to keep the cost down. also have some hard wood in the living area

    a couple of small rugs by the bed so we don't have to put our feed down on the cold floor

    so much easier to keep clean

  4. There's always something on the honey-do list, isn't there? We put engineered wood flooring in our downstairs and carpet upstairs in the bedrooms and we think that's a good compromise. I hate getting out of bed to cold floors, but the wood is definitely easier to keep clean because of the dogs.

    BTW, my lazy dogs are wishing they had sofa stairs like yours.

  5. I agree--no matter the acreage, if you do all that, it's a farm, and you're a farmer!

    I see your list and add you mine. My winter project is painting the kitchen cabinets. Too much to do beforehand, though!


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