Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Another Windy Day

And back up in the 80's again, for October 23rd!  Too warm, we ended up having to turn the air on again for Keith's hayfever sake, and the sake of the pugs, who are bothered by the heat and stuffiness in the house.
This somewhat gross picture... I never said Farmlife was all peaches and cream... shows that the pullets from this spring's feed store purchase are beginning to come into lay.  Pullet eggs are turning up in several places, and you see by the blood on one of these that they are just now figuring out how to expell them.  The eggs will grow in size over the next few months.

There are actually three pullet egg in that picture, one with a lot of blood, one above it that is darker brown, and one on the upper left.
I got sixteen eggs this afternoon, there were two more in the barn when I went out there just now.
Tiny's little flag of a white tail cracks me up.  Her rooster, Three, stayed in there with her until she was finished, and didn't take anything off the younger birds.  These are hens that I won't move, the tiny ones that are paired up with the old roosters.  They each have one little hen in their harems.  I had to take this from far away, so I wouldn't disturb them.  There were two eggs in the nest, and I suspect the other was one of the new girls.
Oh, boy... I had some fun this afternoon.  First, I threw together a stew out of things I had in the refrigerator and freezer... and even though it was warm out, it was so good.  Then I made an apple cake, and Keith was kind enough to stop and get some whipped cream and ice cream for us to enjoy this cake.  I tasted it, it's wonderful.  The recipe was on Chickens in the Road, and you can find it here,
where it was posted by Kate S.  She isn't kidding when she says it's an easy cake to make, and though I baked it a hair too long, it's moist and oh, so gooooooddddd.  I highly recommend it. 


  1. Farm fresh egss...nothin' better.

    Apple cake sounds perfect for Fall.
    I'll have to check out the recipe.

    Enjoy your evening...

  2. Mary Ann,
    Yea for pullet eggs! 18 eggs; how lucky. I have 17 hens. Yesterday got one egg and 2 broken eggs. For some reason the old girls (they about 3 years) are breaking eggs. I am guessing their age and the colder weather has a lot to do with decreased egg production. Sunday I got 6 and anymore that is a good day.

    I really want to get some new hens, but need to clean and winterize the coop and figure out what to do with the old girls.

    Fresh Apple Cake is a favorite at our house too!

  3. I'll be right over for a piece of that delicious looking apple cake:-) I'm going to go take a look at the recipe after I finish commenting on here.

    How wonderful that you get your own eggs! I have a friend who has a farm with chickens and horses and every once in a while she sends over a couple dozen eggs to me...love it:-)

    Thank you so much for visiting me and leaving a lovely comment, I always enjoy meeting new friends:-) xo

  4. It's cold and windy here too. 3rd day in a row the wind has been whipping.


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