Thursday, October 25, 2012

From 82 to 42

That's how fast and far it fell this morning!  Yesterday afternoon saw an unseasonable 82 degrees fahrenheit, and this morning, it began falling... down to 42 and on down into the 20s tonight.  Autumn, or, in this case... FALL!
Everyone wanted to curl up and be warm.

Gertie likes to snuggle on the back of the loveseat, where she can watch for Daddy to come home.
Jackson comes in every night and muscles everyone off the top roost.  One brave hen stayed up there tonight.
Wait 'til you see what Keith has made for the rafter roosters in the new henhouse.
Fancy and April always roost on the door to the nursing cage, go figure.
We hope to tear out all the nasty drywall in this henhouse when we move the birds in the next week or so.   I hate to think of all the baby mice we're going to disturb.


  1. That's a dramatic fall -- the kind that brings colic emergency calls to my husband!

  2. Whew.. what a drop in temps!
    Winter is knocking on our doors!

    We woke up to 13 degrees this morning... yikes!
    Time to get the fire going :)

  3. Same crazy weather here. I will still take it over those horrible winds from last week.

  4. Hi Mary Ann.....oh that sweet Pug.....that is crazy weather....we are having flurries today....brrrrr.....Enjoy the weekend...Francine.

  5. What a drop we had! I'm with Gertie--snuggling sounds good on a chilly day like today.

    M :)

  6. Looks like every one is snug as a bug!! HA- guess a bug wouldn't last long around there!! Whatever - they all look comfy!

  7. I know everytime we move something we find the mices.


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