Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday before the Storm

I am praying this morning for all of our fellow bloggers on the East Coast... I have CNN on, and don't usually have the TV going during the day, but Keith and I turned it on early this morning to keep track of the storm's advance.  It truly looks horrifying, and I have stopped to say a prayer over and over for the safety of those who are in harm's way today and tonight.  To know that it has not even officially "hit" yet is terrible.
We had another hit here, last night, from one of these:

Courtesy Wikipedia
(Honestly, you can wiki ANYTHING, folks!)
Somehow, Keith, who is totally deaf, heard the ruckus from the henyards, and called me from the new henhouse, where he was working. 
I ran out there. 
All birds were in hiding, those who had not made it inside were hiding behind the 4 x 4 pen, or under the now leafless trees.  It took a while for everyone to calm down.
I have not missed anyone yet, but that doesn't mean there isn't anyone gone.
All morning, between watching the weather channel and commenting on blogs... I have been twisting in my chair to look out the window, to see if it has come back again.
Just now, I went to the door and did not hear anyone, so ran outside.  Most were in again, so I suspect it is out there, somewhere.
This young lady, however, was being naughty again.
(She's by the door into the porch)
Day Five, and I still can't figure out how she is getting out.  Maybe flying over, but I'm not sure.  It's a miracle Lilly Ann has not found her yet.
Here she is on her way to the gate to go back in the pasture... you can see that Rambo is keeping a close eye on her. 
This is very worrisome to me, I tried keeping the birds in their yards this morning, but I like to have them in the pasture to eat their fill of bugs, etc. to take a little weight off the feed bill.
This little girl, Suzi, our tiniest little adult hen, is in the middle of her molt, and her chest is growning bare.  She is an Olde English Gamebird.
Here's a better picture of her poor little feather-bare neck and chest!


  1. You need to tell them about the big ole owl that is looking for something good to eat like chicken legs..maybe they will stay in their pen!!
    stella rose

  2. I remember some time ago, when a European Eagle Owl, decided that our hen house was easy to access?...........24 hens later, and with just the carcasses left. I found the owl, sitting high up in an Ash tree, watching me! Optimistic bugger! needless to say it was a hell of a job getting rid! had to call in the Raptor specialists from our Wild Bird Ranger Service. I think the Owl is happy else where!

  3. I have been reading all your stories- but sorry my mommy has been not well- and so we could not leave comments.
    I wish that robber bird with the big wings would leave you alone.
    The photos are so beautiful

  4. A farmer up the track from me, has chickens. He too has a couple that get outside the fence and he doesnt know how.. I think they fly.!
    Would an owl eat a bird..!! silly question ..but i really dont know.
    I too was up and down during the night.. watching the storm..
    Its horrific. I feel for those poor people who lost loved ones.
    One wonders what is happening to the weather patterns.
    have a nice day

  5. Yikes!
    Hope that owl leaves your 'girls' alone!
    Maybe he should be looking for those big black snakes, instead!!

    We too are concerned and praying for those affected by the storms.

  6. Darn those owls. I was wondering what would scare them away and remembered that I bought a plastic owl to keep the small birds out of my chickens food. If only there were something, besides you, that would keep the owls away.


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