Monday, October 8, 2012

Henspa Progress

Another gorgeous fall day in Leavenworth County, but now winds gusting to 20 mph, so I am waiting to water the gardens until morning.  According to the weatherman, the winds are blowing in some rain for Friday and Saturday. 
I'll believe it when we see it, because this is making my stomach hurt daily:

That crack is one foot from the backyard steps.  I have the porch hose dripping into it tonight, not deliberately, but I did not tighten the hose in the cold some time ago, and it drips slowly... so it may as well do some good here.
But, in happier news, the henspa is really progressing, despite Keith having to be out of town all last week.
He's cutting boards for the dividing wall inside.
As you see, instead of linoleum, we went with rubber mats, which will be sealed down tomorrow.
These were so heavy I could not help Keith move them, and he got a workout having to do it himself.  He also got a workout cutting and trimming, but they will seal down nicely.
You can see the dividing wall here, it will be the "feed room side" beyond the wall, so that the dogs can't run straight into the coop when we open the door.   There is still a lot construction material around, but that will soon be hauled to the recycling station or re-used on another project.
Keith's making progress!


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