Saturday, October 6, 2012

They're Baacccckkkk!

Coats and jackets hanging by the door again.  Can you believe it?
October 6. 
I hope this isn't a portent of What's to Come!!!! 
It is 47 degrees F. at 6:57, as I type this, and never got above 52 today, under gray skies.  It looks like the skies are breaking up though, as I came home from church a short while ago.
Today, four years ago, I lost my mother to angelhood... and ten years ago, Keith lost his oldest son Joel... so it was a bittersweet day here at Calamity Acres.  You shouldn't miss them when you know they are in a better place, but, oh, how I would love to hear my mom's laugh again.
Annabelle, stop pooping in the feeders!!!!!!
There, that's the PERFECT place!
Of course, I need to go out and check tonight, it got down to freezing last night.
That's just about where Gertie Lou spent the cold day, and Abby on the other side, snuggled in.  A good place to be on a cold October day!


  1. The cold weather is coming our way next! Monday I don't think we'll get out of the 50's. Time for sweaters, hot tea and slow-cooked dinners. :)

  2. Temps are dropping here too...I've been digging the flannel shirts out of the basement storage!

  3. Oh goodness- it is that time of year.
    We have had a few frosty mornings, but then the temps rise into the 70's during the day for a bit. Still no rain for us- and the forests have high fire danger.
    We know what is like to remember those we loved and they are gone now- even though they are in a better place.
    Gertie Lou and Abby look so snuggly buggly together.

  4. It's been 28 years since my dad passed. I wouldn't wish him back, for his sake, but I still miss him. I don't think that changes, even though the pain may go away.

  5. I noticed all of the jackets hanging by my door too. If we cant visit once in a while it would be nice if we could at least hear their laughter and voices in our dreams.

  6. It was in the 40's this am and not suppose to get but to 66.

    It's still okay to miss them. I miss my lost ones too.


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