Thursday, October 18, 2012

Windsday, no, Thursday!

Oh, my, almost blew away today!

I kept waiting for branches to come down from the old maple tree.
The wind blew in clouds, but it didn't faze the little bunch from the pasture pen... Junior is taking good care of them, and the big roosters are actually leaving them alone.  He has two little brothers to help him, one is pure Mille Fleur like he, and off to the left, and the other is the pretty mix just to his left... yes, another pretty rooster I hate to put down!
They went as far as the horse pen today, and it was so good to see them out digging in the dirt like happy chickens.
The fiery red tree beyond the ponds (from our header) has dulled now, but is still a beacon in the distance. 
What's this empty picture?
That, my friends, is a llama bathroom, now composted by the chickens.  I am going to plant grass seed there so that we can get some grass started again in the pasture.
And this is another "empty" picture.. you see, we have plans to replant our pasture come spring.  This is the area grown up to weeds where our little pond once was, the pond that sat on a limestone shelf, discovered when the pond man came to make a real pond for us.  Since he had to fill it all back in, he stirred up a whole huge patch of weeds.  We hope to be able to get this area harrowed in the spring, and replanted to good pasture seed.  We're praying for snow and rain.  Right now I can't even get in there with the John Deere lawn tractor, because rocks were stirred up, too, and I don't want to tear it up.
The yellow tree is a mulberry.
And here's the Range, tonight.... he was playing with a planter he had found near the garden, and ran off to chew on it.  Lilly usually takes anything he finds away from him, so we were glad he got to play for a minute, since he's our good old boy!
Still blowing hard out there at 5:53, and sprinkles are now coming down as I wait for the last birds and turkey to go in to roost!


  1. Hello Mary Ann...enjoy your farm pretty that tree is...Was really windy and wet here in Winnipeg...still is the same out there at 8:30, warm and toasty inside. What a good boy Ranger is...always love Shepards...Blessings Francine.

  2. Looks like all are busy on the farm.
    It is a bit windy isn't it. Temp. dropped

    Your new header looks great.

    M :)

  3. I love windy days - they are kind of spooky to me. Glad that all is well and you didn't get any damage from the winds though.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. We were without electricity all last evening after a horribly windy day. Ground was blowing all over. I guess it was kind of ironic that I posted pretty fall photos on such a nasty day. But thanks for stopping by anyway! :0)

  5. With our wind and mist yesterday..if it had been any colder ..i think it would have snowed...!!!

  6. Pretty trees and pretty dog! We've had some really windy days here, too. The trees are losing a lot of leaves now.
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Great pix, Mary Ann, beautiful fall colors! Your mille roo reminds me so much of Louie!


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