Sunday, September 30, 2012

Late Sunday

Sunday evening, after a trip to Garnett again to take Nate home to his mom after his weekend here in the city.
It was a busy week, and Keith has been working steadfastly on the new henhouse between watching bits and pieces of the Ryder Cup this weekend.

The steps for the east side of the henhouse were layed and made.  There will be a railing after they are finished... and a railing around the deck, with a sitting area on it. 
Both doors are now hung, though the hardware is not on yet.  The deck, or floor, of the henhouse has been treated, and we are going to lay lineoleum over it tomorrow night.
Keith will be gone for the rest of the week for work, so things will come to a halt for a few more days, but we Keith is  pushing to finish it so we can move the birds in a week or so.
Color has started to show on the lanes near our house.  I jumped out of the car on my way home - this is a mile or so down the road, on a lane that connects two roads.  There are no houses, just pastures, along this section of road.
Spots of color still in the flower gardens, too... so we are still enjoying them.  After last week's business, I hope to get some weeding , some mulching, and some branch-cutting done while Keith is gone. 
We can't tell if this handsome guy lost two of his harem or not on Friday night.  We know two hens managed to get out into the pasture in the dark, but a quick walk-around yesterday did not find any piles of feathers, etc.  And darnit... they all move so fast I have not been able to count them.  They got the message though, and last night and tonight, the juveniles (of whom Legs is one)... all put themselves to bed in the big henhouse without a problem.
Farmdog Abby says Goodnight and have a good night's sleep!


  1. We put vinyl flooring in our chicken house, and it did not take long to start breaking down. Now we have rubber mats (for horse stalls), and they work GREAT! No more expensive than the vinyl, and they hold up perfectly to cleaning with a flat-nosed shovel.

  2. That is going to be a hen mansion when it's finished! Hope all the girls are save.

  3. That is going to be one nice hen house!

    It rained here in Mississippi all weekend.

  4. Ok, Im just sitting here imagining hens kicked back in nice porch furniture on that front porch. I think they will love it. Keep us posted.

  5. That is one heck of a henhouse you have coming up! My hubby would be jealous, lol!

  6. Wow, lucky hens to have such a nice house to call home! Enjoy the beautiful fall days. We could use some more rain, but at least it's cooler!


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