Monday, March 12, 2012

What a Monday!

6:52 PM, and 75 degrees outside on May 12th!  I hope we don't pay for this with a surprise from Mother Nature in a week or two.  Keith went ahead and planted some more beds today... spinach, lettuce, peas, onions and the rest of the potatos.  We have never planted so early as this year and I have never planted this early before.  As we discussed tonight, if we get a frost, we'll replant.

The potato bed, cleaned up by the boys, planted by Keith.  We're expecting to get a better crop than last year's, which was very good. Yes, we are still doing garden cleanup.

While yakking over the fence with Troy, Bessie became fence friends with his shih tzu Harley.  About two minutes later, she stepped through the 4 inch opening in the fence, and went into Troy's drive.  Though he quickly caught her, it scared me to death.  The next time the boys are here, they will be ziptying poultry wire to the fence.  It won't look very nice, but it will keep her in the yard. 

Uh huh!  Don't look at me like that Miss Innocence!
Two naughty llama girls got into the chicken yard and went after the chicken feed, which they love.  Keith escorted them out.

When it comes to farm dogs, sometimes two noses are better than one.

Last year I dug up a whole area of irises that had become overgrown with grass.  I transplanted them into this bed, and as you see, they are all coming up so very well.  As you can also see, I am going to have to CUT GRASS this weekend.

For those of you who don't have chickens, yet, this is what eggs look like fresh out of the henhouse (and other places) when it's wet and nasty outside.  These will get cleaned up before being put away tonight.
And lastly, I had just filled the fortex with nice cold well water and the dogs were watching as I carried the bucket.  Ranger and Abby dove right in, it was hot out there for the farm dogs tonight!

We want to welcome our last two readers, and we are awestruck by the fact that there are now 100 followers for our blog!  We never dreamed when we started it that people would care about what goes on here.  Over the weekend, someone told me that her significant other reads our blog every night to see what good ideas we have come up with lately... this stuns me.  It is basically a record of what we do here... but we love to read other blogs for good ideas (many) and we are happy that people think we sometimes have good ideas, too!


  1. Hopped over here from the Skoog Farm Journal - love to see the animals.

  2. Looks like you`ve been busy again! You both put me to shame! I`ll have to get my a**e is motin, spring is almost here!

  3. Guilty, but proud of it. I don't think she cared as long as she got chicken feed.

  4. That doesn't seem all that warm for MAY - ha! (Had to give you a hard time about that typo.)

    You guys are making such great progress at your place - and make me feel so VERY BEHIND!!!

  5. You'll go far beyond 100 followers - your blog is such a pleasure to read. :)


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