Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It Was a Windy Day

It was another terribly windy day here, with gusts up to 40 miles an hour.  I have to admit that I am getting a little afraid when the wind comes up so strongly now, after all the bad weather the last few weeks.  I went out just now at 9:00 to walk Bessie up the drive to go to the bathroom one more time... and it just about blew me over.

Here were our neighbors this morning, as I was getting ready to go to work:

The little calves like to get in the corner of the pasture where the trees give them some shelter.  The Spehars were going to push all these trees over, and I begged that they let them stand... I love the little copse of trees just beyond our north fence, and the calves do, too.

You can see from this picture how hard it was blowing the birds, and it was hard for the smaller birds to stand up.  Not many minutes after I took this picture this afternoon at 5:30, all the birds went in for the night, even though there was still plenty of daylight. 

We are expecting some rain the next two days... and I'm fine with that, as long as it's just rain!


  1. It is still windy here too! I hope the weather gets better for all of us...my little banty's hide under our trailer when it's really windy out and all my birds voluntarily go in the coop by dinnertime in this crazy weather. Hope you just get rain!
    hugs, Trish

  2. High winds scare me as well. Great looking chickens!

  3. It's been really windy down here in Florida, too. Makes going to the beach kinda tough with all that sand blowing:)

  4. These high winds are tuff. We've had several dead pines fall on the front of the property.

    We have 2 that need to be cut before they fall on the dog pen.


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