Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Two Post Day

Folks, I feel a two-post day coming on.

I'm home this afternoon, on a beautiful Thursday, with great temps, the sun shining, and peace all around. 
One of the bloggers on my sidebar has not had much peace lately, though, and that's what I'd like to comment about.

Bloggers blog for many reasons... some, political, some religious... some blog because they love to cook and share recipes, some are designers, whether professional or not (Brenda!) they love to share their loves with everyone else.  Some write the kind of day-to-day journals that many of us do, simply talking about what is happening around the home place, and what's growin', cookin', birthin', etc. for everyone to enjoy.

Ramona from "The Japanese Redneck" is one of those.  She and her husband have many rescued pets that they care for deeply, and a group of horses, several of which are shown regularly.  She has taken a beating recently for complaining in her blog about something that happened in a show recently... and those complaints and comments back at her were in accusing language, sore, and to the point towards her.  Because of it, her blog has gone private.  I don't blame her.  Life is hard enough without inviting criticism and complaints from the world at large, though you might say we bring it on ourselves by our blogging... I understand now why some bloggers check their comments for approval before posting.  I'm sorry, Ramona... I'm sorry you had to go private, because the greater world will miss you, and your lovely stories about your animals, your beautiful horses, and your great mosaic work.  It hurts me to think that there ARE people out there who care so little that they will make comments to someone whom they don't even know in person that are hurtful and harmful.  I "get" comment moderation now... and don't blame anyone who does it.  I have not had harsh words slung at me (yet) but I know they will probably come at some point.  I'll begin moderating then.  Until then... I hope we can all "just get along" and enjoy each other's posts and glimpses of each other's worlds.

Bessie says let's all be gentle with each other, too!


  1. Mary Ann, you are a sweetheart! Thank you for finding me before I had to go private. I have certainly enjoyed your blog. You are a savior to many fur creatures.

    You and your sweet Mr. so much remind me of myself and the Redneck.

    Thank you again,

  2. It's a shame that Ramona had to resort to going private. I hope that she reported the abuse to Blogger, or Google.

  3. I went to comment moderation only so my readers wouldn't have to do word verification. Without one or the other, there is spam.

    I'm sorry to hear about Ramona. I don't follow her blog, but have seen her comments on several of the blogs I follow.


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