Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Night

Linking this to Farmchick's Farm Photo Friday...

The day started gloriously...

Can you see the sun peaking up over the horizon in the east?

Here it is five minutes later... I stopped at the Kansas Speedway and took this.
It was large and in charge, believe me.

Naughty Girls Bitsy and Muffy tonight.  How they shine in the sun!

I am hoping to get them set up with a brooder box for them to lay in, and Boots, the Mille rooster, to keep them company, soon.

It's grillin' time!

The beautiful Bradford Pear in our neighbor Troy's back yard.  Gorgeous!

On a sadder note, I read a favorite blog tonight, and Yoda,
at The Pugs Strike Back, crossed the Rainbow Bridge very suddenly this morning.  I read a number of "pug blogs" and this is a favorite, because Yoda, Brutus and Ellie were so like our own pugs.  We are so sorry for his owners... we know how much this hurts, and whether expected or not... (this was not)... it still hurts hearts terribly.

Tomorrow is the poultry auction.  I'm going to try to take pictures (if no one stops me) so I'll have something to show everyone tomorrow night.
I'm also making a list and checking it twice!

75 degrees at 9:04 PM!


  1. I'd like to have some laying hens; you'd think with as many chickens as we raise I would never want to see another. We aren't allowed to have other poultry on the farm because of the possibility of disease spreading to the houses. Your hens are really pretty ones!

  2. You little hens are so cute. Good luck at the poultry auction. I hope spring is not as short as winter was. I don't look forward to a hot summer.

  3. Thank you for your kind words about Yoda... He is missed terribly and it just isn't the same around here without him.

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Brutus & Ellie

  4. Poor Yoda.

    Those naughty girls are very pretty.


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