Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Soggy Day in Tongie Town

Whew.  We've had a lot of rain, and it looks like it is about to cut loose again.

Farmdogs Gertie and Lilly (by Oscar's tree); the driveway is pretty flooded, and can you see the lowering clouds in the distance?

Need I even say that the poor chickens have nasty yards... and the smell!  Whew!

The poor new Milles are toughing it out in the nursing cage together, since their pen is almost too sodden to be in.  I may let the little girls out tomorrow on the feed room side, for Butch to take care of.  Well, two of them, anyway.

Even Bessie wanted back in, and did her best to get me in the door.  I was glad to get in as well.  It is 63 degrees out at 9:13, but still blowing and misting.  We expect at least another day and a half of rain, and then hopefully clear skies for the weekend.  I'm not sure but that the grass may still be too wet to cut by then.


  1. Are we gonna have a big Blog Party in 22 weeks?

  2. I know you've gotten more rain than us since you're farther south. I must say I'm very grateful for this rain. I'm still not sure it's enough to take us out of those severe drought conditions, but it's a good start. Hope you don't float away.

  3. We got a lot of rain and the temps dropped a good bit too.

  4. Mary Ann ~ I hope you've dried up since Wednesday...:~) I wanted to tell you how I love your "retirement countdown". I should have done one of these! You are in for the time of your life. I love it!


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