Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Second Thursday Post!

Keith called me as soon as he left after lunch to tell me that there was a turtle in the yard.  We have a well house whose pump regularly dispels water into the drive, and the turtle was in the cool area near the wellhouse.  We hope he sticks around for the summer, it's cool under the deck and perfect for turtles and toads!

I was in the house, pitiful, aren't we?  I asked how I was supposed to park the car from now on, and Keith said, (of course) "you need to look for the turtle first".... and so we go.

I should have taken a picture!

Here are some I did take:

Here is Boots, who will be moving in with his harem in the next few days. You can see his "muffs" on either side of his face here.

Speedy looks almost as big as Boots here, but he is about half his size.  That's Nugget, the last buff cochin left.
Can you tell it was very windy?

There are storms in the region again tonight, but I don't think they will come our way.  A tornado watch is on for north of us.  I remember when tornado watches were called when I was a young girl.  I would be ready to go to the basement, and my parents would tell me to quit worrying... but I was the first to be ready to go downstairs if it looked like we had to.  Sometimes I would go by myself!

I can't help myself, I have to show you one more image... I just love these two little roosters. 

Keith was able to get scaffolding off Craigslist this week from an older couple who bought it a year ago and no longer needed it.  It was very economical.  We will be able to roof the new henhouse SAFELY now.  We will separate the hens from the boys at that point... making for a very lonely little henyard.

Tomorrow night I am going to go pick up some hens I am getting from a friend.  I'll be sure to take pictures of them.

Here is the last picture:

I just love the colors of these two!

I got something cool delivered here today... I'll share it with you all tomorrow.

In the meantime, be kind to each other!


  1. Such beautiful roosters!

    I hope that the weather doesn't get to violent and cause any problems.

    Lucky thing that; getting scafffolding.
    I need to watch for some used scaffolding for our place too.

    Looking forward to seeing what you got!

  2. Gorgeous roosters. We had a box turtle a couple of years ago and it kept eating the bottom out of all my tomatoes.


    Ok, done being silly. They are good looking, that's for sure.

  4. Oh, such beautiful chickens! We have lots of toads (and occasionally a turtle) here too, in summer - can't wait for their return!

  5. The right tools make jobs soooooo much easier.

    I'm always fussing at the hubby to get what he needs instead of making do.


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