Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Setting the Bar High

Neighbor Troy cut grass tonight.  March 13th.

I have traditionally not cut until Easter afternoon, after church and dinner.

I'm going to have to do it this week!


  1. The warm winter has the grass growing early! The weeds are especially prolific here in South Texas. I mowed our yard for the second time today.

  2. Someone was cutting grass outside the window where I was having a meeting yesterday (we had the windows open) and I was enjoying the smell of fresh grass. Then I realized it was mid-March. Way too soon!

  3. I can't believe how fast the grass is growing...it looks kind of "endy" right now...I think I'd better soon mow over it to even things up! I'm loving this weather!

  4. Wow! I think it's cool that you can cut your grass already!
    We have been getting warmer weather, but nothing quite as warm as it takes to get the grass growing LOL :)

    Hopefully soon~

  5. It is going to be 80 degrees all this week. I hope our spring is not as short as our winter was.


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