Thursday, March 15, 2012

More Bits and Pieces

Lots of things to talk about... and to explain why there was no post last night.

Our modem has been getting hot, and then stops sending and receiving.  Yes, we still have Hughesnet... and they can't "diagnose" our problem unless we call them at the minute it overheats.  We are unplugging it at night now when we go to bed and during the day, while we are at work.  Anyway, we could not get it to boot back up last night, so I gave up finally and hit the hay.

Here is something that my friend Theresa gave me the other day when we went to lunch.  Theresa is a former co-worker and dear friend, who has been so very kind to me.  I was absolutely floored at this gift, because it showed so much forethought and effort.  It truly is an example of Theresa's thoughtfulness.

Yes, that's a lovely little locket with our Hannah's picture in it!  I can't believe it!
Theresa asked me for a picture of Hannah in early February, but never told me why.  This kindness just amazed me, and I was so happy to wear this locket on "jeans day" at work yesterday.  It makes me feel good to have Hannah near my heart again.

Now, about Pinterest.... I have really been enjoying "pinning" things I found around the web and on other blogs to Pinterest.  However, Saturday night... while blog-hopping... I read a piece on a blog... and no, I stupidly did not make it a favorite, so will have to go find it again...written by the blogger, who was also an attorney.  She had read that there were artists and photographers protesting their work being posted on Pinterest sites.  She did some research, and found that the Pinterest agreement states that Pinterest will be "defended" by the individual posting the content in case of a dispute, in other words... US.  Pinterest did what they did to protect themselves. She likened it to the dispute over content with Napster, and reminded everyone that a twelve-year old girl was even sued.  She was taking her Pinterest boards down... even though she loved it.  I have not pinned a lot, but was really getting into it.  I'm going to take some time this weekend, however, taking down my boards.

It has been in the low 80's these last three days here.

As you can see from this picture, the chickens are loving it!

And WE (Daddy, cover your ears up there in heaven!) have had to turn on the AIR CONDITIONING in MARCH.  Our house was very humid, and we have pugs, who suffer so in the heat.  I have to ask what July will be like.

Saturday is the first of the two bi-annual poultry auctions in Gardner, Kansas.  I am going at 6:30 AM, so I can get there, get parked, and look at all the cages offered (usually over a thousand in the spring) to try to find some hens to bring home.  My plan is to be out of there by noon. I hope to find 6 to 10 nice standard hens, if possible, who can lay for another year or two.  I have been commissioned to find some Bourbon red turkeys for a friend, so will try to do that.  By auction time, the birds have been there for a day and a night (since they are checked in on Friday)... they are all stressed out, especially the gamebirds, and it no longer fascinates me to see them all.  I take along a bucket of feed and some water jugs and go through and try to at least give some of the ducks some water.  Keith will be here at home, ready to open the cages, which are normally made so that they require some force to open.  I would LOVE to find some adult porcelains or millies, but so would everyone else.  The only other thing I really want is a couple of OEG hens for my little Speedy.

Speaking of roosters, I am thinking the big boys in the little henhouse may have to go after all, the Rock and the Welsummer.  They are beating the small hens up, and I'm beginning to think they are going to have to make the ride down to Roxanne's, so she can sell them to her friends.  There is a crossbred in there from last spring (who has still never crowed) who will have to go, too... leaving only Handsome, the partridge cochin. 
We talk occasionally about doing our own butchering, but two years ago Keith became very ill from eating uncooked chicken... and almost died.  It put us off chicken, so we don't eat it very often.  Roxanne's friends regularly butcher their own birds, and we made the decision that we don't want them to come here to get the birds.  They can have a good life at Roxanne's until they are chosen.  I wish we could keep everyone, but we can't, even though I love roosters.

Gratuitous picture of Bessie, who eats in the bathroom where the pugs can't get her.  She lays in the door and barks when she's ready for dinner!

See the destruction the cats did to the doorpost? More about those posts later!

One last word about my little sister.
She is coming home tomorrow, after being in the hospital for 19 days.  She will have palliative care for as long as it takes, but she is at peace and is not in terrible pain right now.  I was able to spend some time with her this afternoon, for which I was very grateful.  We are so different, she and I.  She would cry if she got manure anywhere near when we were kids at our grandmother's, and she has never kept pets the way I have.  She doesn't understand, really, how you can get so attached to a dog or cat.  She laughs when I talk about the chickens and the llamas.  But we are still sisters and love each other, and I would give anything for her not to be so ill.


  1. Hi
    Its me Tweedles. You came to visit me, and I am so happy that you did! I sat down and read your post. I like the way you talk. I like the way you feel. I want to be friends.
    Thankyou for visiting me!
    nitey nite

  2. Good luck at that auction and I hope you get in and out like you planned. Funny how you and your sister are so different.


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