Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Perfect Spring Day!

Oh, my, I don't know where to start... the boys got so much done here today, and Keith, after visiting his little Bubba at his daughter's... came home and worked in the garden.

As I left to take the eggs this morning, I saw Tony laying literally with his head almost through the north fence of the pasture.  He was watching the calves graze.  You see it was a gorgeous spring morning.

In the big henhouse, there was a crowing contest going on between roosters Two, Three, and Fancy, the porcelain D'Uccle.  He walks across the rafters to the top of the closet in the mornings to eat out of the fortex up there.  He could go outside easily... but he usually crosses back over to the feed room side with his girl April, and with Butch and Reddy.  Likewise with Reddy, I put her out with the flock today, and 20 minutes later she was back inside with Butch.  When the new henhouse is finished, these four will be going there first, so that the others to come will know they are the bosses.
The big roosters are staying put.

Saw this little trailer on the way to the food pantry...Keith and I would like to find a little camper trailer like this to use for the grands when they come to stay for the weekend.  Now I'm looking for them everywhere.  (like we have the money to get it, laugh)

Chris and Nathan don't look tired, do they?  Chris had been cutting and hacking vines off a mulberry tree by the front fence... they have been getting out of control.  It is going to take several weekends to do it, so we warned him not too go too fast.  Nathan had been carrying bags of leaves, bags of dirt, and digging a pile of dirt for me, plus working on the garden beds.  Notice Lilly in her chair!

Why we are working to clean up the garden beds!  Note big clump of grass behind daffodils!

Nathan came in to get a clothespin for his nose because I asked him to move the mound of dirt, poultry feed and chicken poop that I shoveled out of the henhouse after the rain and wind last week.  It is particularly pungent.  I'll say one thing for him.... he got the mound moved!

Here is the potato bed.  Chris and Nathan raked it out, then Chris brought all the leaves they had bagged from last fall, and spread them on the bed.  Then Nate went to work and raked them out neatly.  Then Keith came home and told the boys they needed to move half of them to the planting beds behind him.  They proceeded to spend fifteen minutes with their leaf scoops doing that.
Then Keith began to spread dirt on the leaves, and Nathan helped him carry the last six sacks back over to the potato bed.  The boys came in to clean up at that point so we could go to dinner.  Keith begged off and went and got a sandwich, and came back to plant the potatos, the peas and the onions. 
Chris, Nate and I went to Bob Evans where the boys chowed down.  Now we are back here, I'm posting, and the two boys are almost asleep in the other room. In the morning, the boys and Keith are going to put the plastic on the hoop house, and then we'll get it set up for the tomatos and peppers.
I'll be fixing a big breakfast, and then after church, I'll run them to meet their mom and go see my little sis.
Don't forget to turn your clocks forward!
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  1. I love your countdown to retirement. I'm so happy for you. I retired two years ago and I'm loving every minute of it! Twenty-three more days! No boss, no deadlines, no office gossip, no quick fast food meals, because you're just to tired to cook, retirement is all that plus so much more. happy for you, your blogging friend and follower, Connie

  2. Sounds like a busy day in your neck of the country!
    It was a beautiful day to be outside! Tomorrow's
    rain will be nice too.

    Happy Sunday to you!


  3. Important ingredient to good farming...a good, hard working crew. Doesn't it just feel good when so much is accomplished?

  4. We got some things planted this weekend. Hope we don't have late frost and have to end up covering them up.


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