Sunday, March 25, 2012

Unexpected Blogging Vacation

Well, we had an unexpected blogging break over the weekend.  Grandsons Chris and Nathan were here to help us, and somehow, someway... I sat down at the new Dell and managed to disable the mouse, the printer and the wireless keyboard.  I finally used the screen keyboard today to find out I should disconnect everything plugged into the strip and the computer, turn it all off, turn it back on (with the touchscreen) and then let it reaquire the whole shebang.  Of course, this was AFTER I went to WalMart to get a wired keyboard and mouse, so now they will go to Nathan next weekend, with our 3 year old computer still in great working condition.

We're back in business, though.

Thank heavens the heavens dried up and the rain stopped. 
This was a view from the back of the mower today.  Believe me, it was not the wettest part of the yard.  I have never, ever cut before Easter... but I did half the yard today and will finish it tomorrow evening, I hope.

Normally I would not cut grass this wet, but we were stumbling in this grassy yard.  I'll try to do a before and after tomorrow night so you can see how high it was.

This little miss is in big trouble.  She has begun walking through the outer fencing... it is 4 x 4 livestock fence, which holds everyone else.  She got out into Troy's yard today, and then came up the road, and waited at the gate.  Keith found her when he came home from Home Depot... I was out calling her and looking for her at Troy's, so scared to death.  We are now going to have to go out with her every time, and follow her as she goes potty.  A pain, until we can think of a way to stop this behavior.

We don't like tying, but may have to think of something to protect her, like a porta pen.

And here.... (drum roll) is our hoop house!

I will post a picture of the nearly-finished building tomorrow.
As you can see, Keith had help from Chris and his girlfriend Haley, who helped us this weekend.

Here it is,"untucked".

While Keith had intended to put a door in either end, he has now decided to vent both ends, with a door in the east (left in this picture) end.  Tomorrow night I'll take pictures of the inside, and of the east end in it's "tucked" condition.  He's also going to build a potting bench at the west end, so we can start seedlings in there.

In talking with our neighbor Kathy tonight, we discussed the fact that it is 80 degrees out (fahrenheit) on March 24. We are afraid (and so are many other gardeners to whom I've spoken lately) that this foretells a wickedly hot summer, equal or worse than last summer.  I noticed when I took the kids to meet their mom today that many gardens are in and growing, and I actually saw one with tomatos up.  Kathy's opinion was "get them in early and harvest them early" and I think she might have something going there.

Onions are well up.  We have two beds so far.

As you see, the lettuce is also doing well, and we are starting a second bed this week.  We also have spinach growing well.

Peas, a cool season crop, could not even be started last year until May, because of the cold weather and snow and rain.  We got a very, very low yield.
This year they are off to a roaring start, but it may prove to be too warm for them to bear well.

Here's Gert helping Keith watch KU win tonight and go to the Final Four while I fixed a simple dinner of spaghetti with homemade pesto (thanks to my friend Gretchen) that was OH so good with some fresh Italian bread.  A perfect way to end a lovely weekend.


  1. Lucky you to have a hoop house! I would have thrown my hands up into the air with all that technology problem! When it happens to me I'm going to be in trouble.

  2. I agree that summer maybe wicked. My lettuce came up about 3 weeks ago and died. I think it was too hot.

  3. Everything is looking good. We have some things going in our garden and more to come. Hopefully we can mow this weekend--yard was too muddy this past weekend.

    Take care.



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