Friday, March 30, 2012

A Very Full Friday

Well, lots to talk about tonight. 

I got eight of my twelve new hens home, and am very, very satisfied with them! 

Here are pictures of them.  For tonight, four are in with Butch, Reddy, and Fancy and April in the feed room, and four are in with the little henhouse bunch.

As you can see, they are lovely hens.  I know they probably should have been isolated, but I know where they came from.  The browns are Cinnamon Queens, the others are mixes.

Here is a Cinnamon Queen I put in the little henyard.  I'm going to move ALL little birds out of there... the big roosters are just too hard on them.  As none of these big birds will be allowed to set, I think it will be better, and get the little birds somewhere safe.  It will be hard on the ones who are used to being inside all the time, but, I think, better for them.

Here are the other three in that henyard, the middle hen with her head down is an Ameracauna, so I was glad to get another green-egger.
The hen on the left looks a little older, but that's okay... three eggs a week from each will make me happy.

Do you believe these onions?

And the lettuce that we already need to thin out???

And Keith in the hoop house tonight where he has built a bench where new bin planters are going to go.  He got this idea from Mother Earth News this week... I'll explain more this weekend.

But here is the really, really FREAKY thing!

Here is the real proof the heavens have gone crazy... a tomato is blooming on MARCH 30th!

Never, ever, have I seen this.  What on earth can it mean????

I'll be trying to linkup with Farmchick's Friday Night Photos, either tonight or tomorrow... sometimes Mr. Linky goes up late!


  1. Your Cinnamon Queens look just like my Red Sex Links. Do you think they are the same?

  2. Your chickens look happy, and your plants look great! That tomato is amazing!

  3. This year is so FREAKY! We havd the most beautiful temperatures last week, and now we're expecting snow. WHAT?? Enough already, I say, let's just even out. I have things that need to be planted.

    Your girls are beautiful!

  4. I love your happy little farm, and happy little chickies.. and happy garden! I love your happy home

  5. Yipee on tomato blooms. I have a few too. Am ready for a REAL tomato.


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