Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I don't mean to write about the hoop house ad nauseum, but it withstood it's first test today:  to wit, a storm. 

Here was the sky to the west this morning:

While to the east:

The storm came through about an hour later, and the wind whipped up very well.

 But Keith, who was working in here, did not get bothered by it. 
As you see, we have taken a chance and planted some tomatoes.  We have always had a good yield from tomatoes in containers, so we are experimenting.  We can always replant.  Keith told me tonight that he is going to make a potting bench inside, a place to store tools, and an herb table, built up off the ground, where I can plant kitchen herbs and go out and cut them for dinner.

Meanwhile, in the pasture pen with the Mille's, are two little hens from the little henhouse.

These two little silkie crosses NEVER came outside.  I don't think the white one had ever been out, and the little brown girl was only rarely out.  If you look close, you can see her poor little neck is bare, along with her back, because of the two big roosters.  There are two others in there being beaten up in the same way, but I have not moved them yet.  The little white girl was scared to death the first day, but now they are co-existing happily with the Mille Fleurs.  This little rooster is going to have to go, I want Boots to be breeding the Millies, who have yet to lay an egg.  I don't blame them, I'm sure they left a decent house to come live in a dog house.  I hope to rectify this later this summer.

Here is part of the black and white group in the pasture tonight.

I have a surprise coming on Thursday that I can't wait to tell you all about... I am going to take a half day on Thursday and a half day on Friday.  More to come about this later!


  1. Congrats on the hoop house. Looks like you guys are really going to get some good use out of it.

  2. We've never had any luck with growing tomatoes in containers. I wonder what we're doing wrong? You've gotten our curiosity up...can't wait to see what your surprise is!

  3. Glad to hear that the hoop house weathered yesterday's storms OK. It's going to get another test this afternoon. It rained all last week and now all of this week too? I guess I should be happy that we are at least getting the weekends off from the rain.

    Your tomatoes look great. Keep us posted on their progress because, as Cheryl mentioned, we too never had good luck with growing them in containers. Beefsteaks, that is. It's a struggle to keep them wet enough in the heat of the summer. What variety are your tomato plants?

  4. Hip hip horray for the hoop house.
    I've wanted to try to have a hoop house for a long time.
    Seems like they are pretty sturdy :)

    Can't wait to see what the surprise is! Looking forward to it :)

    I've started a new blog (the old one will stay private, just for the family)
    Come for a visit, and I'd love you to follow me. Just click on my name, or you can find me at always fixin never sittin blogspot.

    I'll be back to see what your news is :)


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