Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mother Nature's Surprise

We're having such a weird winter.

I woke up in the middle of the night, to hear sleet hitting the window near my bed.  I remember thinking "That sounds like sleet", before drifting off again.

Lo and behold.

And by tonight, it was gone.

I hope that's the last of it... there's a gorgeous full moon out there tonight!


  1. Yes, it's been a weird winter! We had a few days of milder weather, today we had really bad downpours of rain and high winds, than this afternoon we got hail and some snow :( This coming week is suppose to be really nice reaching 16 degrees celsius, I really hope it gets that warm :)have a great night and fingers crossed for no more snow!


  2. It has been like that here where we are too. About two weeks ago, we had a 70 degree day. By the time we left church at 8:00 it was 60* degrees. Within two hours it was SNOWING at my house and we were graced with almost two inches, which was gone the next day due to our 65* degree day..........WiErD to say the least!

    I pray this is the end of the WaCkY weather for all of us!


  3. The hoops are coming along nicely : )


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